Airline Pilot Club and Skyborne Airline Academy Team Up on Training

The Airline Pilot Club and Skyborne Airline Academy announced a partnership to give pilots access to guidance and training for their careers.

Skyborne has locations in Vero Beach, Florida, and Gloucestershire Airport, U.K. [Courtesy: APC/ Skyborne]

The Airline Pilot Club (APC)  and Skyborne Airline Academy announced Wednesday their partnership to give aspiring pilots access to professional guidance as well as theoretical and practical training to prepare them for careers on the flight deck. 

“We are very pleased to announce the launch of our partnership with Skyborne. I am very aware of the quality that Lee and his team provide their trainees. We are excited to give our members access to Skyborne’s training services. With our new free membership and access to great preparation for airline pilot training, we are confident that this partnership will provide a superb service for APC members and Skyborne students,” said APC founder and CEO, Captain Andy O’Shea, after the announcement. 

Skyborne CEO Lee Woodward added: “I have over 30 years’ experience in this wonderful industry both in the airlines directly, and…as a supplier of training services as a director of CTC Aviation Group, and now as CEO of Skyborne. Our academy currently has partnerships with nine airlines across Europe and the U.S., providing career development opportunities for aspiring cadet pilots.”

APC offers a free membership allowing access to an AON-produced Pilot Career Psychometric Assessment and airline-training-department-standard e-learning. Through the portal, members also gain access to webinars that are designed to improve awareness of and preparation for the airline pilot career. APC strives to connect its members to high quality approved training organizations, like Skyborne Airline Academy. To become part of APC, Skyborne underwent an audit to ensure that they met the detailed criteria that APC sets for inclusion in its program. 

When speaking about the APC audit of Skyborne, Woodward said, “We found the whole review and audit process to be professional, fair, and constructive. I really am delighted with the way things went and am pleased to be working with APC.”

Skyborne Airline Academy offers two locations for its students to train, Gloucestershire Airport (EGBJ), U.K., and Vero Beach Airport (KVRB) in Florida. Both locations host state-of-the-art facilities and an airline-focused training program to track students from zero hours to airline in as little as one year.

Based in Texas, Ashley is the former Marketing Manager at FLYING and focuses deeply on training and education. She graduated from the Baylor Institute for Air Science with a Bachelor's in Aviation Science and holds an MBA specializing in Marketing. She is an also instrument rated private pilot and licensed FAA dispatcher.

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