We Fly: Beechcraft King Air 360

Autothrottles forward on this muscular turboprop
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Beechcraft Denali Program Completes Engine Test Runs

Initial testing by Textron Aviation confirms fuel system functionality and powerplant interface.
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GE’s Paul Corkery Updates Progress on the Catalyst Engine

Textron Aviation expects to fire up the Catalyst on the Denali prototype very soon.
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Piper Updates M600/SLS Halo with GWX 8000

StormOptix weather radar technology is a first in the owner-flown GA market.
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Textron Aviation’s Denali Joins the Beechcraft Family

Aircraft will operate with GE’s new Catalyst powerplant.
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Epic Aircraft’s E1000 GX Earns Its FAA Type Certificate

New aircraft offers quieter operations both inside and outside the cabin.
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How a Pilatus PC-12 Helped Reopen the Second Largest School District in the US

Clinical laboratory SummerBio flies 25,000 COVID-19 test samples daily.
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Australia’s Explorer Aircraft Seeks Certification on Its Utility Turboprops

The FAA Part 23 process for the 750T builds upon the 10-seat 500T.
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Blackhawk Aerospace’s King Air 350 Fulfills the Need for Speed

How valuable are these mods to King Airs and other turboprops?
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Daher’s TBM and Kodiak Deliveries Carry It Through 2020

The company also announces new updates to Kodiak 100 Series III.
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