Nextant G90XT Completes First Flight

Nextant G90XT

Nextant Aerospace completed the first test flight of the G90XT business turboprop, a remanufactured version of the venerable King Air C90A with new GE H75-100 turbine engines, Garmin G1000 avionics and fresh paint and interior.

"The increased power was very noticeable during the takeoff run," said Nextant chief test pilot Nathan Marker. "I was also impressed by the lower noise levels in the cockpit." The change in position of the propellers relative to the fuselage combined with the new engines "makes for a much quieter and more comfortable flight experience for passengers," he added.

Nextant expects the G90XT flight test program to last approximately six weeks and anticipates certification for the airplane in the second quarter. Once certified, Nextant will begin delivery of production aircraft immediately, the company said.

The G90XT will sell for $2.6 million, about $1.2 million less than a new King Air C90GTx from Beechcraft. The remanufacturing process includes extensive inspections of the C90 airframe and replacement of all worn components. Nextant has launched a similar remanufacturing program for Beechjet 400s the company calls the Nextant 400XTi.

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