Collier Trophy Pits Gulfstream G650 against Embraer Legacy 500

Gulfstream G650, Embraer Legacy 500 nominated for 2014 prize.

Bizjet rivals Gulfstream and Embraer are squaring off for aviation’s most coveted prize: the Collier Trophy, which recognizes the greatest annual achievement in aerospace in America.

The 2014 award pits the Gulfstream G650 against the Embraer Legacy 500, two of the latest fly-by-wire jets to enter the market.

The G650 was a Collier Trophy finalist in 2012, when it lost out to the Mars Curiosity rover. And although the Legacy 500 was developed in Brazil, the airplanes are assembled in the United States at Embraer’s facility in Melbourne, Florida.

A number of business jets, including the Gulfstream GV, Cessna Citation X and Eclipse 500, have previously won the Collier Trophy.

Other nominees for the 2014 award were Alan Eustace and the StratEx Team; the F-16 Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance Team; the General Aviation Joint Steering Committee; Orion Exploration Flight Test-1; and the Orion UAS Team.

This year’s Collier Trophy selection committee will meet on March 11 in Arlington, Virginia, to choose the winner, which will be announced that evening at the NAA Spring Awards Dinner. The formal presentation of the trophy will take place in early May at the Collier Dinner in Arlington.

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