AeroMobil Will Exhibit Its Flying Car at the Paris Air Show

The $1.2 million AeroMobil Flying Car is heading to the Paris Air Show after making its debut in Monaco earlier this year. AeroMobil

Aeromobil, the flying car hopeful out of Slovakia, will exhibit at the upcoming Paris Air Show in the brand new 9,000-square-foot Paris Air Lab at Le Bourget Airport focused on the very latest in research and innovation. The company hopes to convince the aerospace world that its idea for the future mobility is possible.

AeroMobil in April unveiled the latest iteration of its flying car, which it says it will produce in a limited edition of 500 vehicles.

Priced at $1.2 million, the sleek vehicle promises full transformation into flight mode in less than 3 minutes, an automotive range of 435 miles, inflight range of 400 nm and cruise speed in flight of 140 ktas.

The company crashed an earlier prototype in May 2015. The pilot survived after the flying car entered an unrecoverable spin by deploying its whole airframe ballistic parachute.

AeroMobil promises that its latest design will fly better than the early test vehicles. The company has yet to fly the production version.


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