What to Look For in a Flight Jacket

Pick Your Era and Select the Perfect Flight Jacket

Flight jackets, also known as bomber jackets, have been around since the days when pilots had to fight off extreme cold weather flying open-cockpit airplanes. During World War II, traditional bomber jackets kept crews warm flying high in unpressurized cabins. Today, you can get your aviator on from any era you choose, combining form and function with many styles to choose from.

Stay Warm and Look Great in the B-3 Jacket

When many aviators think about a flight jacket, they imagine a worn leather jacket with a sheepskin lining and plenty of aviator attitude, and the legendary B-3 jacket is what they envision. These are what bomber crews wore to stay warm as they flew high over the European Theater in WWII, and this one from RSH Leathercraft is as real as it gets. You’ll pay for high quality materials like a real Nappa leather finished outer shell and authentic sheep shearling, however the addition of a double-buckle throat latch and special hand warmer pockets make this a jacket to own for a lifetime.

ROTHCO MA-1 Flight Jacket
Value price for a traditional flight jacket design Amazon

Classic Flight Jacket Styling for a Real Aviator Look

The original MA-1 jackets were designed by the United States Air Force and introduced in the 1950s to serve as an intermediate weight flight jacket for use all year. The Rothco MA-1 jacket is an affordable choice with classic styling, with features like a fully-reversible rescue orange polyester lining, extra fit cut for comfort, and pockets everywhere to store essentials on your next flight. The jacket comes in eight colors including camouflage, however the traditional look of the Sage Green MA-1 jacket will remind everyone that you are indeed an aviator.

Amabilis Responder Tactical Jacket
Tactical gear quality built to last a lifetime. Amazon

Modern Tactical Design for Street or Sky

While not a traditional flight jacket or bomber design, the Responder Tactical Jacket from Amabilis will be like wearing a suit of armor as it protects against the elements while providing the functionality pilots want. As a “tactical” jacket, it features strategically placed panels for a tailored fit that also provides more enhanced free movement. Reinforced coated neoprene armor plating has laser cuts on the chest for attachments, and the jacket comes in half sizes for the perfect fit. A total of 10 pockets give any pilot room to store gear for your next SWAT mission or just a great flight with friends to chase down a $100 hamburger.


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