How Does Ice Affect Your Aircraft?

Learn all you need to know, including types of ice, what they can do to your airplane, and how to stay away from ...
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What Is Turbulence?

Learn the different types of turbulence and what causes them.
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Should We Be Worried About Space Debris?

We try to nail down the answer, and travel to Northrop Grumman to find out what's being done to help solve the problem.
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Watch: How Do You Read Airport Markings and Signage?

If you're a beginning pilot, or just curious, we've got the answers that you need to know.
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Watch: Learn More About NASA’s SLS as Massive Rocket Rolls Out

FLYING takes you to Kennedy Space Center to get the ins and outs of the rollout of NASA's Space Launch System.
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Watch: NASA’s Space Launch System Explained

Humankind is going back to the moon on the world's most powerful rocket—NASA's Space Launch System. Learn what it's all about.
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Why Doesn’t NASA Reuse Its Rockets?

We have the answer to this popular question in the premiere of our new video series, 'Flying Explained.'
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