Sporty’s Launches ATP Training Course

Sporty's flight school partners with ABX Airlines.

Sporty’s has partnered with ABX Airlines in Wilmington, Ohio, to offer a program that complies with the recently implemented training requirements for the FAA airline transport pilot knowledge exam.

Under the new rules, which were implemented August 1 (despite a stellar track record of safety for ATP-rated pilots) ATP candidates must complete an FAA-approved ATP-Certification Training Program (ATP-CTP) consisting of a minimum of 30 hours of academic instruction and 10 hours of simulator training, six of which must be completed in a full-motion Level C simulator or higher. Upon completion of the training, ATP applicants will qualify to take the FAA knowledge test, which is a requirement for the multi-engine ATP rating.

Sporty’s course will take place over six days, four in the classroom and two in the simulator. Steve Hanshew, the flight standards and training supervisor at ABX, said the Wilmington facility uses experienced airline pilots as instructors and has modern, full-motion simulators.

The ATP-CTP course costs $4,500, a price that includes all of the required classroom and simulator time as well as the required materials and supplies. Transportation and lodging are not included in the course fee. The first class starts during the week of October 27.

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