Fly This Sim Adds Capabilities to BATD-Certified TouchTrainer

Check out FTS' home-based sims at the Flying Aviation Expo.

Fly This Sim (FTS) has added new capabilities to its home- and flight school-based TouchTrainer simulator systems, the company announced at Flying Aviation Expo. The touch screen enabled simulators can now add what the company calls VisX, which provides nearly a 180-degree view of the flight environment. The VisX visuals are displayed on three screens that can be added to previous systems for $2,400. A complete home-based system with VisX costs $7,800, including shipping.

Those who want even better visual capabilities can add Visual Motion with three oversized screens, providing an even more realistic environment. The Visual Motion screens add $6,000 or $11,670 for the complete system.

The TouchTrainer simulators have achieved Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD) certification from the FAA enabling pilots to log the time flown as long as they are under the supervision of a certified flight instructor. The systems can also be used to maintain instrument currency.

With the TouchTrainer you can quickly switch between several platforms such various models of Cirrus, Cessna, Diamond and Piper airplanes. You can also select several types of avionics systems from Garmin and Avidyne. Earlier this year, FTS also achieved FAA certification for a helicopter simulator system for the Robinson R22 and R44.

You can try out the TouchTrainer systems, including the helicopter version, at the Flying Aviation Expo this weekend at the Palm Springs Convention Center in Palm Springs, California.

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