This 1978 Piper PA-28R Turbo Arrow III Is a Faster-Than-Expected ‘AircraftForSale’ Top Pick

Turbocharging turns Piper’s modest Arrow into a more potent, practical long-distance traveler.

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Piper rolled out the PA-28R as the Cherokee Arrow in 1967 but soon dropped “Cherokee” from its name even though the only significant differences were the Arrow’s retractable gear and constant-speed propeller. The Arrow was also a lot faster than the fixed-gear PA28 with similar power, and gave Piper a model to compete with Mooney M20s and other entry-level retractables.

When discussing the Arrow, people will tell you that the ability to outpace its fixed-gear relatives does not make the aircraft a true speedster and that pilots should not expect more than 140 ktas in cruise. The Turbo Arrow III version for sale here, however, is the exception. Its turbocharged Continental TSIO-360 engine gives pilots the option of flying at higher altitudes without losing power the way naturally aspirated engines do. Turbo Arrows can reach 170 ktas given the right combination of power setting and altitude, which makes them capable traveling machines.   

This 1978 Piper Turbo Arrow III has 4,921 hours on the airframe and 159 hours on its 200 hp Continental TSIO-360 engine since overhaul in 2019 by Western Skyways. There are 884 hours on the Hartzell propeller since overhaul.

The panel features a Garmin GNC 420W GPS/Com, Bendix-King KX155 Nav/Com, Lynx NGT9000 transponder with ADS-B In and Out, AutoControl IIIB autopilot, Garmin Aera 660 with SiriusXM weather and audio, PS engineering audio panel with four-place intercom, and Electronics International instruments for manifold pressure, tachometer, oil pressure and temperature, fuel computer, CHT/EGT, amps and volts.

Additional equipment includes a standby vacuum system, Tanis engine preheater, electric pitch trim, rudder trim, dual toe brakes, LED landing light, and external power receptacle.

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