This 1927 WACO 10 Is a Golden Age ‘AircraftForSale’ Top Pick

Open-cockpit classic biplane offers pilots and passengers a peek into the early days of airmail.

1927 WACO 10 [Courtesy: Marc Hightower]

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There is something about biplanes from the 1920s and ’30s that attracts pilots, often luring them away from the high-tech piston, turboprop, or jet aircraft they typically fly. For some, the opportunity to experience the sounds, smells, and vibrations of a vintage aircraft engine and the tactile feel of direct mechanical controls is irresistible. Others seek the wind-whipped thrills of an open cockpit and the attention they receive when arriving at just about any airport.

While the airplane for sale here is certain to start conversations on any ramp, what it really offers is an escape to remote turf strips, most of which lack a defined ramp. It will transport you to an earlier era when visual references formed the foundation of flying. All you need is a chart and pilotage to find your way, though a tablet with ForeFlight loaded would serve as a reasonable backup. A rare biplane like this will urge you to add as many vintage fly-ins to your calendar as possible. It will also compel you to stop letting those sunny days with gentle winds slip by without a visit to the airport.

This WACO 10 has 2,600 hours on the airframe and 200 hours since overhaul on its Continental W670 radial engine. Its VFR panel includes a Narco 810 radio, PS Engineering 1200 intercom, and King 76A transponder.

Pilots interested in owning a classic biplane from aviation’s golden age that is far less common than the Stearmans and F-series WACOs that arrived several years later, should consider this WACO 10, which is available for $139,000 on AircraftForSale.

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