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We’re finalizing the next issue of FLYING, and we want to hear from you.

If you’re like us, you’re already flying through the summer days, even though we just passed the solstice. And we’re busy putting the finishing touches on your next issue of FLYING, too—and it’s chock full of airplanes both new and classic, and the stories behind the pilots who fly them and the places we love to go.

And we want to hear from you—we had the opportunity to fly the new Daher TBM 960 first out of the gate this spring, and we go behind the scenes at the factory in France. And we take you along on the ferry flight of a lifetime.

There’s more to come inside… but we need to know, what’s your favorite cover featuring this phenomenally beautiful turboprop? Vote now—and see what comes to you in the mailbox when you subscribe.


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