Tell Us About Your Flight Instructor

We want to honor those special people who teach us to fly.

Everyone has that one teacher that had the biggest impact on their lives, whether it be a math teacher, a social studies teacher—or a flight instructor.

If the teacher who had the biggest impact on your life was your flight instructor, we want to hear from you.

We want to honor flight instructors through a new feature on our website. So we want you to tell us who your flight instructor is and why they have had such an impact on your life.

Send us an email at with your story, or any questions and concerns you have.

You could tell us about:

  • Life lessons they taught you
  • Fears they helped you overcome
  • How they gave you the confidence to fly
  • A story about how they made you believe that you could do something you didn’t think you could do.
  • How you came to know this instructor
  • And whatever else you’d like to tell us

If your submission is chosen, you’ll be contacted by one of our writers so that they can help tell your story.

Help us recognize your favorite flight instructor–and if you need a good one, check out these tips for finding one.


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