CAE Academy Buys 35 Piper Trainers

Bulk order for Archers and Seminoles.
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Pipistrel Panthera Takes Off

Four-seater’s first flight lasts nearly one hour.
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Pipistrel Panthera Progresses

First engine start successfully completed.
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Doc’s Friends to Revive B-29 Superfortress

Wichita business leaders support B-29 project.
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Biofuel-powered Cessna 182 Flies from Rhode Island to Kitty Hawk

Biofuel uses recycled vegetable-based cooking oil.
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Cessna Flies First Production TTx

Cessna reports TTx's first production flight performed exceptionally.
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Famed DC-3 Returns to the Skies

The inaugural flight of the Historic Flight Foundation's restored DC-3.
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8,000th Van’s RV Takes Wing

The number of completed Van’s Aircraft kit airplanes grows at a healthy pace.
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Memphis Belle Gets a Facelift

Flying copy of historic B-17 gets new interior.
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B-29 Flies Again but Big Question Remains

World’s only flying Superfortress is back flying, but the story is more complicated.
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