John King and Rod Machado to Face Off in Flying Aviation Expo Live Debate

The well-known aviation educators will go head-to-head in Palm Springs discussing the FAA’s new Airman Certification Standards.
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FAA Will Move Ahead With Southern California Metroplex Redesign

Decision follows the agency’s evaluation of more than 4,000 public comments.
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Aviation’s Highest-Paying Jobs

Earn six-figure salaries and enjoy satisfying work with these careers.
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The Journey Toward a Remote Pilot Certificate

Agency still has a few kinks in the system.
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FAA Begins Accepting sUAS Applications Next Week

Drone operating requirements differ for FAA-licensed pilots.
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FAA Publishes New Chart User’s Guide

Guide could be improved with practical knowledge quizzes.
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Five-Knot Airspeed Assignments Coming Soon

New speed assignments are all part of the NextGen plan.
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FAA Rules Santa Monica Must Keep Airport Open

Ruling prevents the city from shutting down SMO through 2023.
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FAA Finalizes Controversial ECi Cylinder AD

Ruling affecting 6,200 Continental engines takes effect on September 15.
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FAA Announces Air Transportation Center of Excellence

Research center expected to become operational before end of the year.
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