FAA Proposes New Pilot Certification and Training Rules

Part 61 changes, including more sim time for instrument training, come in response to a petition by aviation groups led by AOPA.
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FAA Tests FBI Drone Detection System at JFK

The agency is seeking high-tech solutions to the growing problem of ‘rogue’ drones flying near major airports.
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Unusual Attitudes: An FAA Inspector’s Winding Career Path

From accident prevention specialist to safety program manager — and when she decided to hang it up.
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Prepare for the Check Ride, Part 1

Learn how to handle engine failure on takeoff.
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Intel CEO to Head FAA Drone Advisory Panel

FAA administrator Michael Huerta has tapped Brian Krzanich to lead group that will aid with UAS integration in civil airspace.
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GA Groups Rally Behind FAA’s Part 23 Rewrite Plan

Nine associations, including AOPA and EAA, are calling for the adoption of the new light aircraft certification standards by the end of the ...
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Senate Passes FAA Reauthorization Bill

The legislation, which includes provisions for third-class medical reform and drone safety rules, now heads to the House, where it has stalled over ...
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FAA Approves Ethanol-based Biojet Fuel

The alcohol-derived synthetic kerosene blend is produced from corn and sugar as an alternative to petroleum jet fuel.
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FAA Rule Restores Sim Time for Instrument Rating

Instrument students may once again log up to 20 hours of training in an approved simulator.
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Non-TSO’d Avionics Coming to Certified Airplanes

In what could be the start of a major shakeup in the avionics world, EAA and the FAA are collaborating to bring Dynon’s ...
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