ATC Privatization Threatens to Derail FAA Spending Bill

The Senate and House are at loggerheads over a controversial proposal to strip ATC from the FAA.
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Senate FAA Reauthorization Bill Emerges

ATC privatization is gone, but several provisions GA groups have championed, like third-class medical reform, remain.
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FAA Releases Part 23 Rewrite Plan

FAA introduces proposal for new certification rules while FAA reauthorization bill includes certification reform.
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Technicalities: Single Point of Failure

Should Scaled Composites have anticipated the copilot's fatal mistake?
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Unusual Attitudes: Almost Back Home in Indiana

The early days as an FAA inspector.
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ATC Privatization Bill Thrown Out

FAA maintains control over air traffic control, for now.
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FAA Reveals UAS Detection Program

The Department of Homeland Security and FAA are exploring prototype detection technology aimed at tracking down “rogue drones” near airports.
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FAA Spending Bill Could Allow Ridesharing

A provision that would permit Uber-style flight sharing by private pilots is part of the controversial FAA reauthorization bill that also seeks to ...
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Running on Empty

Can GA find an alternative to leaded avgas?
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FAA Funding Bill Includes a Mixed Bag of Good and Bad

GA forces still oppose a plan to privatize ATC, but some are finding bits of good news in the legislation as well.
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