The Moth and the Flame

Mountain peaks are magnets for pilots but they harbor dangerous winds.
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The Tragic Day When a Pilot Was Literally Flying Blind

Oregon incident can teach us all a lesson in being honest with yourself.
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Puzzling Personality

An unusual pilot’s dramatic crash in the Sunshine State leaves investigators guessing.
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The Danger of Irrational Exuberance

Learning a new aircraft takes time. Not taking that time can be a treacherous decision.
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Lost Horizons Lead to Tragedy

In 2019, a puzzling mixture gets a yellow rotorcraft entangled in IFR conditions.
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A Takeoff Into the Clouds

Just a few seconds in IMC lead to disaster
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Good at Slowing Down

There are no pills for low energy in flight.
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Aftermaths: A New Book

A compilation of Peter Garrison’s beloved column in Flying magazine, Aftermath.
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Classic Aftermath: An Attitude Indicator Fails at the Worst Time

A stroke of bad luck leads to instrument failure in IMC.
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An Unqualified Pilot—But Not Disqualified

Several colleagues knew of a pilot’s limitations before a fatal 767 accident.
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