Starr Gate iPad App Makes Buying Aircraft Renters Insurance Effortless

The app leverages technology to give you the rental coverage you need —when you need it.

When a pilot rents an airplane from an FBO or flight school, they often assume that adequate insurance coverage is in place. It’s only after an incident or accident that the renter gets hit with the devastating and expensive news that the airplane owner’s policy exclusively covers… the owner. With the average cost of an aircraft insurance claim at $30,000, regardless of fault, a renter can quickly find themselves on the wrong end of that claim.

While aircraft renters insurance has been around for decades, many renters who realize they need “non-owner” coverage can find the market confusing and hard to access. That’s why Starr Insurance Companies, a global leader in aviation insurance, has developed a transformative new buying experience for aircraft renters insurance with their Starr Gate iPad app.

Starr Gate renters insurance app
The average renters claim is about $30,000; renters insurance provides peace of mind. Getty Images

Available through Starr’s brokerage network or Apple’s App Store, the Starr Gate app helps pilots fly safer and save money, and gives renters peace of mind knowing they are covered should a claim need to be made. The ability to buy airplane renters insurance by the month means pilots can take control of their coverage to fit the way they fly. If only training or flying occasionally, pilots can use the app to buy coverage when it’s needed — even just for one month — and not have to pay for coverage when they’re not flying. With a sign-up process that takes less than five minutes to complete, pilots can buy their airplane renters insurance and fly covered that same day.

The Starr Gate app can save renter pilots money, and it can also contribute to safer flying habits. Fixed-wing pilots can earn discounts up to 35% off their renters insurance premium for participating in the flight-scoring option offered through Starr Gate’s collaboration with CloudAhoy, the top cloud-based, post-flight debriefing tool for pilots. With the available 35-day trial of CloudAhoy Pro, Starr Gate app users can choose to score flight safety by leveraging the CFI Assistant tool. By challenging pilots to improve on each flight, the CloudAhoy app helps to build pilot skills, leading to reduced accident statistics. “With CloudAhoy data, we can write coverage in high definition. It’s customized insurance that can help make you a better pilot,” says Jim Anderson, a Cirrus pilot and senior vice president of Starr Aviation.

Starr Gate renters insurance app
Students can purchase monthly or annual coverage to insure their solo flights. Getty Images

The Starr Gate app is an elegant and modern solution for buying the aircraft renters insurance you need, with the terms that work best for you. Coverage can be tailored for single-engine, multiengine, and piston-powered rotorcraft. Additionally, coverage for single-engine seaplanes is also available. Whether your logbook is empty or filled with 30,000 hours, the Starr Gate iPad app will have you covered when the sky calls and your favorite rental plane is up for grabs.


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