Sporty’s Introduces Breakdown Assistance Program

Aircraft owners can now get help with maintenance issues at unfamiliar airports.

Airplane Maintenance
Sporty's Breakdown Assistance Program can help you find a reputable mechanic in unfamiliar areas.Jon Whittle

At a news conference at the Sun ‘n Fun International Fly-In and Expo, Sporty’s introduced a breakdown assistance program to aid pilots stuck with mechanical issues at unfamiliar airports.

Through its association with Mike Busch’s Savvy Aircraft Maintenance Management, the Breakdown Assistance Program allows pilots to call a toll-free number any time, day and night, to connect with mechanics to get advice about maintenance issues. The technician can help the pilot troubleshoot the problem and advise whether the airplane is flyable.

If the airplane is not airworthy, the mechanic can recommend a local maintenance shop. Representatives from the Breakdown Assistance Program will act as a liaison of sorts between the aircraft owner and the mechanics to obtain cost estimates and provide oversight as the work progresses.

The assistance program costs $149 per year for single-engine piston airplanes and $199 for multiengine pistons. Turbine coverage is also available for $249. The aircraft owner must be at least 50 miles from the home base to be covered under the program.