Solar Impulse Resumes Round-the-World Flight

The completely solar-powered Si2 will cross over the Pacific Ocean on its trip from Hawaii to California.

Solar Impulse Si2
The solar-powered Si2 continued its round-the-world trip, taking off from Hawaii on Thursday morning.Solar Impulse via Twitter

Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, the Solar Impulse Si2 is flying without fuel. But thankfully, it’s no emergency.

The all-solar-powered Si2 resumed its journey around the world this morning, taking off from Hawaii for a nearly three-day trip to Mountain View, California.

This trip marks the ninth leg of the plane’s flight, which began last spring in Abu Dhabi but was delayed nine months after a record-breaking five-day trip from Japan to Hawaii put so much stress on the Si2’s batteries that the airplane had to be grounded.

The Si2, which took off in Hawaii around 6 a.m. local time, can be tracked in real time during its flight across the remainder of the Pacific at Solar Impulse's website. The plane is piloted by Solar Impulse co-founder Bertrand Piccard.

The ambitious round-the-world trip will next take the Si2 to a not yet determined city in the central United States, then on to New York and Europe before concluding in Abu Dhabi.