Solar Impulse Makes Final U.S. Landing in New York

Solar-powered Si2 flies over the Statue of Liberty before landing at JFK.

Solar Impulse Statue of Liberty
The solar-powered Si2 flies over the Statue of Liberty early Saturday morning.Solar Impulse

Solar Impulse finished its final leg across the United States on a symbolic high note, with a flyover of the Statue of Liberty and a landing at JFK International Airport in New York City.

Pilot André Borschberg made the five-hour flight in the all-solar-powered Si2 from Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, landing early Saturday morning at about 4.

“The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of American values: the liberty to be a pioneer, the freedom to explore and invent,” Borschberg said after landing. “It welcomes travelers who arrive in this country, and flying over it was a tribute we paid for the special welcome we received at each destination.”

Solar Impulse New York City
The Si2 flies against the backdrop of One World Trade Center and the New York City skyline.Solar Impulse

The high-profile visit to the Big Apple gives Solar Impulse its best chance yet to spread its message of a clean-energy future in America. Pilots and co-founders Bertrand Piccard and Borschberg have been making media appearances in New York and, on Monday, met with U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who praised Solar Impulse’s innovation and vision for clean energy.

The Solar Impulse team hasn’t yet chosen a date or destination for the next leg of its round-the-world flight, which will take it across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe. In a blog update, Solar Impulse stated the next destination would be somewhere between Ireland and Morocco.

You can watch highlights from the Si2’s flight over New York below.