RocketRoute Adds Services to Marketplace

Risk assessment, catering, FBO services and more added to fuel service app.

RocketRoute's expanding Marketplace app now allows pilots to order and pay for fuel from companies like Avfuel.RocketRoute

RocketRoute is building additional services into its Marketplace app, providing a complete package for pilots and operators. Access to the app is free to pilots and operators, and it allows them to seamlessly connect with fuel, catering, ground transportation, flight plan, risk assessment and other services around the world.

By creating a flight plan, services can be ordered at the departure and destination airports by simply tapping on tabs for the desired services. The service providers currently send the app user an email to confirm the order, but RocketRoutes vice president of sales and vendor relations, Steve Woods, said confirmation on the app will soon be available.

Marketplace has agreements with Air BP and Avfuel, allowing operators to order and pay for their fuel directly on the app with their Air BP and Avfuel accounts. Marketplace includes fuel services at more than 1,200 locations worldwide.

Marketplace recently added risk analysis services through Osprey Flight Solutions. The service analyzes the risk from point to point at 20,000 airports, including overflight risk assessment. “In an ever more uncertain world it is essential that pilots and aircraft operators have ready access to reliable and up to date security and operational information from which they can make key operational decisions,” Woods said. “RocketRoute customers will be able to purchase briefings as and when they need the, as well as providing users of the RocketRoute Marketplace the opportunity to purchase briefings across both web and mobile (iOS and Android) platforms.”

While the app is still in the growing stages in the United States, customers in Europe have realized its benefits. The app provides access to services in nearly 25,000 transportation locations around the world.