Photos: Hollister Airshow 2016

Check out these aerobatic performances from the Hollister, California, airshow.

The seventh Hollister Airshow at Hollister Municipal Airport in San Benito County, California, offered plenty of aviation excitement this year.

The Father's Day weekend event featured military jet fly-bys, airshow performances and aerobatic displays, highlighted by pilot Vicky Benzing in her 1940 Boeing Stearman.

Check out the photos below and see what else the 2016 Hollister Airshow had to offer.

Vicky and Jeff Benzing perform a pre-flight check before Vicky's Hollister Air Show performance in her Boeing Stearman.John King at
Vicky has a pre-flight briefing with the Hollister Fire Department with her Extra 300S, Little Purple.John King at
Vicky's husband and crew member readies the Stearman before the performance.John King at
Pulling the bright-red Stearman out of the hangar at Hollister Municipal Airport.John King at
A close-up of Vicky's Stearman before takeoff.John King at
Four Albatros L-39s join up for a diamond fly-by.John King at
The L-39 American Spirit lands.John King at
The L-39 Reality Czech lands.John King at
The L-39 Phoenix lands.John King at
The L-39 trainers flying in formation.John King at
The final L-39 jet lands.John King at
Vicky Benzing takes to the air in her 1940 Stearman.John King at
Performing in the Stearman.John King at
Vicky does a loop during her performance.John King at
Vicky's aerobatic performance against the backdrop of Hollister.John King at
Smoke on!John King at
Vicky and Jeff Benzing after Vicky ended her performance.John King at
The Alabama Boys, up to their goofy antics as always.John King at
The Alabama Boys set down their plane on a moving target.John King at
An F-14 Tomcat heads home for the weekend.John King at
The military jet as it takes off.John King at
Vicky Benzing spins up and shows off her Extra 300S, Little Purple.John King at