More Goodies from Garmin

Garmin announced at AirVenture a couple of new offerings in addition to the ones we reported on Tuesday. One is a flat-panel system for non-certified use and the other an enhanced cell phone application. Lastly, they announced a huge milestone.

The company announced new details and increased value on the G3X flat-panel avionics system for LSA and Experimental airplanes. Because it's not governed by standard certification regulations, Garmin was able to create displays that are very innovative and take advantage of the available space. And the price point for the products is nothing short of revolutionary. In addition to the displays, the G3X system will include the magnetometer, ADAHRS, and engine monitoring hardware (sensors not included) for prices starting at $9,995 for a one-screen system that blends PFD and MFD functions for non-certified applications.

Pilot My-Cast has new features and a new platform: In addition to its core features of extensive government weather graphics and text, and flight planning and flight plan filing, it now features a METAR and TAF "bubble map that displays current and predicted weather in a pictorial format.

Garmin announced the delivery of their 100,000th GNS all-in one nav/comm system. Garmin claims that approximately half of all U.S. single and twin-engine piston and turbine aircraft are now GNS 400/500-equipped.


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