MyGoFlight’s Pilot-Creation Initiative Gains Momentum

Pilot One³ unites aviation industry leaders to recruit new pilots and provide scholarship programs.

Pilot One³
Sun 'n Fun president and CEO John “Lites” Leenhouts discusses Pilot One³ at Sun 'n Fun 2016.Megan Elliott

MyGoFlight CEO Charles Schneider says support has grown for his Pilot One³ initiative since he challenged the aviation industry to unite to create more pilots at Sun 'n Fun in April. The initiative aims to align resources from supplier organizations that can contribute value — such as money, products or services — with organizations that already work to recruit new aviation professionals and award them scholarships. The concept of Pilot One is simple: one aviation industry and 1 percent of revenue to create one pilot at a time.

“I’ve been very pleasantly surprised at how many corporations and businesses have wanted to contribute to help grow the industry,” Schneider says.

Garmin and Bad Elf recently joined the initiative, and Schneider says there are ongoing conversations with other organizations that are looking for ways to contribute.

From the beginning, Women in Aviation and the AOPA Foundation have supported the Pilot One³ mission, and MyGoFlight is donating 1 percent of its revenue in the form of gift cards to existing scholarship programs.

Businesses that want to contribute value and scholarship programs interested in becoming recipients can email or call Schneider at 303-364-7400 x111 for more information.