Two Ariane 6 Rocket Stages Arrive at French Guiana

The European Space Agency plans to test the core stage of its new rocket at its launch site in French Guiana.
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James Webb Space Telescope Reaches Final Orbit

Webb conducted its final course correction burn Monday afternoon.
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NASA Faces Astronaut Shortage, New Report Says

Current corps is one of the smallest in 20 years.
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Radian Aerospace Wants to Build ‘Holy Grail’ Spaceplane

Startup aims to accomplish what NASA attempted in the ’90s.
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What Amazing Things Will the World’s Largest Telescope Show Us?

James Webb aims to peer deeper into space than we’ve ever seen.
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World’s Most Powerful Telescope Reaches Major Milestone in Space

The James Webb Space Telescope unfolded its gold mirrors and is speeding away from Earth.
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James Webb Space Telescope Successfully Deploys Major Components

The telescope has successfully unfurled its giant sunshield and secondary mirror.
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International Space Station Gets Six More Years of Operations

Orbiting since 1998, officials move the laboratory’s retirement to 2030.
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FAA Pushes Off Release of Environmental Assessment of SpaceX Launch Vehicles

The report will now be made public in late February to let SpaceX prepare for review and respond to thousands of comments.
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China Upset with Elon Musk and SpaceX

Starlink satellites had a pair of near-collisions with the Chinese Space Station.
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