L-3 Adds Capabilities to NGT-9000 ADS-B Transponder

The touchscreen unit is now available with optional eTAWS terrain warnings and aural traffic alerts.

L-3 NGT-9000
The Lynx NGT-9000 ADS-B transponder now has options for terrain warnings and aural alerts.L-3 Aviation Products

L-3 Aviation Products has added options for terrain warnings and ADS-B traffic aural alerting to the Lynx NGT-9000 transponder.

L-3 says the Class B embedded terrain awareness warning system (eTAWS) and ADS-B aural traffic advisory system (ATAS) alerts are the first in a series of planned options for the Lynx NGT-9000, the industry’s first transponder with a touchscreen.

The newly added features are software upgrades to the existing Lynx NGT-9000 operating system. The eTAWS option adds an additional page to the display, highlighting terrain surrounding the aircraft to provide pilots with Class B TAWS where mandated, while the ATAS option provides an aural alert for intruder ADS-B traffic to help pilots visually acquire potential traffic threats.

The Lynx ATAS option announces the range, bearing and relative altitude of intruder aircraft through the cockpit audio system. Pilots will hear warnings such as “Traffic, traffic, 3 o’clock high, 2 miles.” This aids the pilot in referencing where an approaching aircraft is located, allowing a heads-up approach to identifying traffic threats.

Price for the base NGT-9000 transponder starts at $5,490.