Beechcraft King Air 260/360/360ER Models Achieve European Certification

Milestone enables deliveries to begin to customers across the region.

Textron Aviation announced Thursday that with the stroke of a pen, it had passed an important milestone in the progression of its latest King Air models—the 260 and the 360/360ER—with the certification of both under EASA.

The approval means that customer deliveries of the workhorse turboprop can begin across Europe.

“EASA certification begins a whole new era for the Beechcraft King Air in Europe,” said Tom Perry, vice president of sales for Europe, Middle East and Africa. “The King Air has been the turboprop of choice throughout this region for more than five decades, and the new 260 and 360 will build on that legendary reputation.

“We have incorporated innovative and next generation technologies that enhance the flying experience for an already proven aircraft.”

Textron Aviation counts more than 460 King Airs in service across the continent, representing a range of models—though most are based in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

Flying recognized Textron Aviation with a 2021 Editors Choice Award for its collaborative efforts with Innovative Solutions & Support on the ThrustSense autothrottle, found on both the 260 and 360/360ER. The autothrottle manages engine power across most flight regimes, from takeoff to landing, including low-speed VMC roll mitigation.

With a standard mission carrying four passengers, flown by a single pilot, the King Air 360 can range as far as 1,806 nm, while the 260 with the same passenger load can travel 1,720 nm.

The King Air 360 was featured in the August 2021 issue of Flying.


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