Icon Partners with Prestige Imports, a Luxury Car Firm

A5 amphibious LSA will mingle with Bugattis and Lamborghinis.

One of these vehicles is not like the others.Icon Aircraft

Potential customers walking into Prestige Imports in North Miami Beach, Florida, will get a surprise as there will be one vehicle with wings on display among the Lamborghinis, Bugattis and Ferraris. Icon Aircraft has partnered with the high-end car sales distributor to bring its amphibious A5 light sport aircraft to a new, high-net-worth audience.

“Our customers crave ways to enjoy life and unlock what was believed to be unattainable adventures,” said Brett David, CEO of Prestige Imports. “Since 1977, we have come to deeply understand the South Florida luxury lifestyle and the Icon A5 fits perfectly.”

“Much like exotic cars in the showroom, the Icon A5 is unreal,” said Icon’s VP of sales and marketing, Mike Farley. “Flying with the windows out, wind in your hair, is a visceral experience. The Icon A5 enables you to explore the planet in ways you’ve only dreamed about.”

Both the exterior and cockpit of the A5 were designed to look much like the luxury cars alongside which the airplane is parked, with inset round-gauge instruments and sleek, futuristic lines. The cockpit is surprisingly spacious for an LSA; however, LSA speed and weight limitations make it impossible to take two average adults and gear on a long cross country. The airplane is truly designed as a fun toy, and the foldable wings make it easy to put on a trailer and transport to the destination of your choice.

With the ability to operate on water or land, the amphibious A5 is perfectly suited to the wet, hot climate in Florida. The LSA can be flown with the windows open, bringing fresh air in on hot summer days.