Gulfstream’s G800 Makes Its First Atlantic Crossing—to FIA22

With the first flight just a few weeks ago, the ultralong-range jet adds an international flight to the test program.

Didn’t the G800 just mark its first flight just last month? Yes, indeed—the ultralong-range jet that will sit at the top of Gulfstream’s lineup took to the skies on June 28.

Now, in a bid to put its newest airplane in front of some of its best potential customers, the company flew one of the G800 test platforms from Savannah, Georgia (KSAV), to its Farnborough Service Center at EGLF in Farnborough, U.K., on July 15.

The G800 departed KSAV for its roughly 7-hour mission to cross the pond on the morning of July 14, arriving in daylight around 7:33 pm local time in Farnborough. [Courtesy: FlightAware]

Because the test aircraft, N800G, had met at least one of its long-range test goals—a flight of more than eight hours and ops beyond the MMO of Mach 0.925 and 51,000 feet msl—it could make the milestone journey.

“To take the G800 on this trans-Atlantic trip so close to first flight is extraordinary,” said Mark Burns, president of Gulfstream. “Thanks to our strategic planning and the investments Gulfstream has made in our new aircraft programs, we are able to fly the G800 with remarkable efficiency and bring the aircraft directly to customers early in the flight test program, as we have in Farnborough. 

At one point, Gulfstream’s new G800 hit roughly 563 knots (648 mph) over the ground. [Courtesy: FlightAware]

“The Gulfstream Farnborough Service Center is one of our newest and most modern, and it’s fitting that the G800 has made its international debut here.” The center boasts 225,000 square feet of facilities space, able to accommodate up to 13 of the biggest models in the Gulfstream lineup. It opened recently—in summer 2020.

The Trip: By the Numbers

Departure7:35 a.m. EDT
Arrival7:33 p.m. BST
Altitude 45,000 feet msl
RouteJROSS MULLS J79 TYI Q64 SAWED J174 RIFLE LFV TUSKY N261A JOOPY 4900N/05000W 5100N/04000W 5200N/3500W 5200N/03000W 5300N/02000W MALOT GISTI BAKUR N546 STU UL9 CPT CPT1V

G800 Preliminary Specs

Base Price$71.5 million
PowerplantsRolls-Royce Pearl 700 (2)
Avionics SuiteGulfstream Symmetry proprietary flight deck
Max cruise altitudeFL510
Max Mach Number0.925
Max range (long-range cruise)8,000 nm at Mach 0.80
SeatsUp to 19, sleeping berths for 10


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