Flight School Options in Miami

Flight school in Miami

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Editor's note: The following article is not intended to be a ranking, but is only to serve as a list of possible options. As the saying goes, your mileage may vary.

Florida is home to an astonishing number of flight schools and many of those are within Miami or its surrounding areas. For both locals and transplants, the best Miami flight schools have much to offer. 

From personalized education with one on one training to a traditional education at a university, your aviation education is what you make it. Start off on the right foot at the best flight school for your career goals and make the most of your education starting now. 

Quicklook: Flight Schools in Miami

  • ADF Flight School
  • Flying Academy
  • Miami Dade College - Eig Watson School of Aviation
  • Endeavor Flight Training
  • Pilot Training Center

5 Flight School Options in Miami

When you’re looking to enroll in flight school in Miami, you can be sure you’ve chosen an excellent region to complete this in. With many schools helping with job placement after you’ve completed your hours and training, it becomes much less stressful beginning your career in aviation. 

ADF Flight School 

No matter the ladder rung you’re on in your aviation career, ADF Flight School has the flight programs you need. ADF Flight School has been providing flight students with the tools they need to be properly equipped anytime they’re in the sky for decades. 

With transparency, you’ll never wonder where your money is going when you’re enrolled at ADF Airways, contact them today for a flight school estimate. 

Location: 14532 SW 129 St Building 227 Miami, FL 33816

Tuition & Fees: Flight program costs and fees vary 

Financial Assistance: Financial assistance is available through We Fly and Pilot Finance

Accreditation: Yes

Program Length: Each program length depends on the schedule of the student as well as other factors 

Endorsements: None

School Size: Around 100 

Job Placement: Yes 

Virtual Learning: Yes 

Flying Academy 

With flexible training programs, Flying Academy continues to help every flight student meet their aviation goals. Enriching the community and the aviation industry is a constant goal of those at Flying Academy. 

Whether you’re choosing Flying Academy from the start, or you’re looking to finish your commercial certifications and hours, the commitment from your instructors will remain unmatched. Get an education in aviation you can be proud of. 

Location: 14569 SW 127th St Miami, FL 33816

Tuition & Fees: Minimum cost of completing all programs leading up to and including your commercial pilots’ course is $37,045. 

Financial Assistance: No, but payment plans are available. 

Accreditation: Yes

Program Length: Program lengths vary, accelerated programs are available so you can complete your flight training in weeks or months. 

Endorsements: None

School Size: Under 100

Job Placement: Yes

Virtual Learning: Yes

Miami Dade College - Eig Watson School of Aviation 

Miami Dade College is one of the largest universities in the country, but it prides itself in its personalized education for every student enrolled. There’s no surprise it offers one of the best flight schools in Miami for flight students who are looking for a more traditional education at a university rather than a private flight school. 

Your aviation career can truly go the way you are dreaming when you’re completing flight school at Miami Dade College.

Location: 300 NE 2nd Avenue Miami, FL 33132

Tuition & Fees: Credits vary in cost from $91.08 to 129.89 per credit. The professional pilot course requires a minimum of 64 credits to complete. Additional requirements may apply. 

Financial Assistance: Financial aid, scholarships, and payment plans are available. Click here to find out more about varying eligibility and requirements. 

Accreditation: Yes 

Program Length: The professional pilot course is typically completed in two years, this includes several credits being completed over the summer semester. 

Endorsements: None

Job Placement: Yes

Virtual Learning: Yes

Endeavor Flight Training 

When you choose Endeavor Flight Training for your education in aviation, you will truly be getting one on one training every step of the way. Committed to their students, Endeavor Flight Training believes in delivering confident pilots ready for anything in the air. 

Proud to be authorized by SEVIS, international students with an M1-Visa are grateful to call Endeavor Flight Training home. 

Location: 14850 NW 44th Court Suite 206

Tuition & Fees: 

  • Private Pilot Course - Estimated Cost $13,890.54
  • Instrument Rating Course - Estimated Cost $11,705.54 
  • Commercial Pilot Course - Single Engine - Estimated Cost $27,910.54

The entire commercial pilot program is estimated to cost $53,506.62.

Financial Assistance: Yes, contact Endeavor Flight Training directly to learn more about your financial assistance and payment plan options

Accreditation: Yes

Program Length: Typically 9-12 months depending on flight student and other factors such as weather, etc  

Endorsements: None

School Size: 35-40 flight students 

Job Placement: Yes

Virtual Learning: Yes

Pilot Training Center 

Pilot Training Center has been providing a personalized education in aviation for more than a decade. As a leading flight school in Miami, they have dedicated instructors and a program that allows you to go at your own pace. 

Fly every day with well-maintained aircrafts and be on track to start your career in aviation. 

Location: 14300 SW 129th St, Suite 204 Miami, FL 33186

Tuition & Fees: 

  • Private Pilot Course - Estimated Cost $12,765
  • Instrument Rating Course - Estimated Cost $8,535 
  • Commercial Pilot Course - Single Engine - Estimated Cost $14,165
  • Multi-Engine Course - Estimated Cost - $6,400 

The entire commercial pilot program is estimated to cost $41,865. 

Financial Assistance: No

Accreditation: Yes

Program Length: Determined students can complete the entire program in 6 months, it typically takes one year to complete. 

Endorsements: None

School Size: Around 100 flight students 

Job Placement: Yes 

Virtual Learning: No

How Does Flight School Training in Miami Work?

Flight schools in Miami have much to offer aspiring flight students, the next step is simply choosing the best one for you. Wherever you aim to go, starting off by earning your private pilot license is the first step. If you’re dreaming of earning the average salary of an airline pilot in Miami (which is $137,101) then furthering your education and obtaining your commercial pilot license will be necessary. 

Training and hours vary depending on the program you’re completing, but when you’re determined, you could be finished with the majority of your flight program within the next year! 

Miami Flight School Facts & Figures

With an incredible amount of flight schools in Miami, it’s no surprise that aspiring flight students often get overwhelmed when looking at their options. Don’t stress, make a list of your needs and choose the school that can cover them all. 

Number of Schools

Florida has nearly 150 flight schools with around 100 of them being in Miami and its surrounding areas. An optimal weather climate helps draw aspiring pilots and flight students from around the country leaving flight schools in Miami with no shortage of students. 

Number of Students per Class

The majority of flight schools in Miami boast an impressive one-on-one ratio for their students and instructors. The quality of education certainly isn’t lacking and it’s one that Miami flight schools know can’t be taken lightly. 

Pilots have a responsibility many will never know and providing them with the knowledge to fly safely every time they’re in the air is what the best flight school will do. 

Tuition Rates

While tuition rates can vary greatly depending on your flight school, the average cost for flight school in Miami is $42,936. The certificates and programs you require will determine the cost for your flight school.  

Average Loan Amount

The average loan amounts for flight schools in Florida vary. Not all flight schools offer financial assistance, but everyone does aim to assist their students in completing their program so that it works for their budget. 


Many of the finest flight schools in Miami don’t offer scholarships. While scholarships may not be available, payment plans and financial aid in other forms likely are. Make sure you inquire with the flight schools you’re considering to learn about your payment options.

Job Placement

Nearly all flight schools in Miami will help their students with job placement after their program completion, it may be by word of mouth or a program set in place. 

Many pilots will continue on for their Certified Flight Instructor course completion which allows them to complete the necessary hours so they can then easily apply for a commercial airline pilot. Once you’ve completed your final hours and can apply for an airline pilot position, it’s quite likely the airlines will come find you! 

Miami Pilot Employment Facts & Figures

The gorgeous weather in Miami’s region has continued to draw pilots and aspiring pilots in. With the need for pilots only growing, attending one of the best flight schools in Miami is a great way to get yourself on track to the career of your dreams. 


In 2020, 3,400 airline pilots, copilots, and flight engineers called Miami or its surrounding areas home. There were also an additional 2,200 commercial pilots living here. 

Biggest EmployerAverage SalaryFull or Part Time Pilots across the US
U.S. Navy$153,614469,062
United Airlines$144,43712,000
SkyWest Airlines$139,37812,502
Federal Aviation Administration$126,69748,000
American Airlines$125,31615,550


The average salary for airline pilots in Miami is $137,101. This breaks down to $11,425 each month and $2,856 each week. The best flight school in Miami can help you reach your full potential as a professional airline pilot! 

Start Flying in the Beautiful Miami Skies Today! 

There are no shortages of first-class flight schools in Miami. It doesn’t matter if you’re local or looking to relocate to the Miami area, the top flight school for you is out there. Consider what you’re looking for in your training and education as every flight school has a different atmosphere. 

Large universities and private flight schools can both provide you with the superior education you need to be a confident pilot that can safely navigate the skies in any situation. Enroll in one that works for your timeline, budget, and checks all your boxes. 
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How do you become a pilot in Miami?

Those looking to become a pilot in Miami must be at least 17 years old. It is then ideal to get a medical certificate while you work on completing your flight training hours. Once you complete your required hours, you can test to obtain your private pilot license or PPL.

How much does flight school cost in Miami?

The average cost for flight school in Miami is $42,936. The training, hours, and certificates you require all factor into the final cost of your flight school.

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