Pilot Jobs in Hawaii

pilot jobs in hawaii

What better place than Hawaii to land the pilot job of your dreams! [Credit: CanvaPro]

Editor’s note: The following article is not intended to be a ranking, but is only to serve as a list of possible options. As the saying goes, your mileage may vary.

Whether you’re a veteran pilot with decades of experience and you’re looking to move to your dream destination of beautiful Hawaii, or if you’re a new pilot ready to start your Hawaiian airline adventure, your ideal pilot job in Hawaii awaits. There are companies of all sizes that are looking for the right pilots to navigate for them and with an ever growing list of competition, there’s no better time to do a little research and make sure you end up in the best position for you. From passenger airlines to medical transport, with the proper certifications, you could soon be in the cockpit flying over Hawaii’s islands yourself! 

Quicklook: Hawaii Pilot Jobs

  • Western Aircraft
  • Transair
  • Hawaiian Airlines 
  • Air Methods Corporation
  • Paradise Helicopters 
  • Aloha Air Cargo
  • Blue Hawaiian Helicopters 
  • Century Aviation
  • Northeast Healthcare Recruitment 
  • Southwest Airlines

10 Hawaii Pilot Jobs

Don’t let your ideal pilot job float away, below are 10 options for pilot jobs in Hawaii that are currently hiring! 

Western Aircraft

Western Aircraft has been delivering trusted aircraft services of all kinds for decades. When you’re looking to pilot for an established aviation company, Western Aircraft is your team. Western Aircraft continues to grow and look for individuals committed to going above the call of duty for guests and fellow employees. 

Established: 1957 

Location: 4300 S Kennedy St Boise, ID 83705

Contact Information: 

  • Phone Number - (800) 333 - 3442/ (208) 338 - 1800
  • Email - info@westair.com

Website: https://www.westair.com 

Employees: 180  

Types of Jobs: 

  • Commercial aircraft pilots 

Services Provided: Western Aircraft is a aircraft services company offering: 

  • Aircraft charters
  • Airline fueling
  • Aircraft management
  • Aircraft & aircraft parts sales
  • Avionics sales & installation
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • FBO services 

Revenue: $8.5 Million

Google Rating: 4.3/5 stars from 44 reviews


24/7, 365 days a year since 1982, Transair has been providing exceptional air cargo transportation for those anywhere in Hawaii. They remain committed to being at the top and we take great pride in our service and employees. Work for a company that invests in their employees and feel the love when you fly for Transair! 

Established: 1982

Location: 100 Iolana Place Honolulu, HI 96819

Contact Information: 

  • Phone Number - (808) 833 - 6868 
  • Email - cargoreservations@transairhawaii.com

Website: https://transairhawaii.com 

Employees: 90

Types of Jobs: Cargo

Services Provided: TransAir Hawaii provides both air cargo and air charter services for all your shipping and transportation requirements. From emergencies to pets to motorcycles, TransAir flies with it all. 

Revenue: $18 Million

Google Rating: N/A

Hawaiian Airlines 

Hawaiian Airlines is grateful for all their customers as they remain the leading airline in Hawaii. Serving the islands since 1929, they’ve learned how to treat every customer that steps aboard their planes and to remain at the top, they know their employees must remain a top priority. Share your love of Hawaii with your guests, co-workers, and more when you fly for Hawaiian Airlines. 

Established: 1929

Location: PO Box 30008 Honolulu, HI 96820

Contact Information: 

  • Phone Number - 1-800-367-5320
  • Email - https://www.hawaiianairlines.com/contact-us/email

Website: https://www.hawaiianairlines.com/ 

Employees: Over 7,000

Types of Jobs: 

  • Commercial Pilots (for passenger and cargo planes)
  • Aircrew Instructors

Services Provided: Hawaiian Airlines provides both passenger and cargo transportation throughout all of Hawaii’s islands as well as major destinations in North America, Asia, and the South Pacific. 

Revenue: $845 Million

Google Rating: N/A

Air Methods Corporation

Air Methods Corporation is committed to delivering patients the care they need and with a strong, dedicated team of pilots, they get them where they need to be safely. With generous benefits, you’ll always feel the support when you’re working for Air Methods Corporation. 

Established: 1980

Location: 5500 South Quebec Street Suite 300 Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Contact Information: 

  • Phone Number - (855) 896 - 9067
  • Email - customercare@airmethods.com

Website: https://www.airmethods.com/

Employees: Over 4,500 

Types of Jobs: Fixed Wing Pilot Captain

Services Provided: Air Methods Corporation provides emergency medical services

Revenue: $1.57 Billion

Google Rating: 4.8/5 stars from 14 reviews

Paradise Helicopters 

As a local, veteran-owned business, it’s no surprise you’ll feel like family when you’re flying for Paradise Helicopters. Paradise Helicopters works to provide every customer with an unmatched Hawaiian experience and piloting for them keeps life fun and adventurous. With divine remote landings, this job will never be a bore! 

Established: 1997

Location: PO Box 5371 Kailua Kona, HI 96745

Contact Information: 

  • Phone Number - (866) 876 - 7422
  • Email - pilot-careers@paradisecopters.com

Website: https://paradisecopters.com

Employees: 96

Types of Jobs: Helicopter Pilots

Services Provided: Paradise Helicopters offers guests a private view of Hawaii. Commercial services and utility flight services available as well. 

Revenue: $19 Million 

Google Rating: 4.7/5 stars from 234 reviews

Aloha Air Cargo

Aloha Air Cargo knows that supporting their employees is an effective way to keep them happy and able to provide superior service on any flight. With overnight, refrigeration, and more cargo options, when you choose to fly for Aloha Air Cargo, you’re choosing a dependable cargo airline that is capable of it all. 

Established: 2008

Location: 50 Elliott St. Honolulu, HI 96819

Contact Information: 

  • Phone Number - (888) 942 - 5642
  • Email - aacjobs@alohaaircargo.com

Website: https://www.alohaaircargo.com

Employees: 300 - 400

Types of Jobs: Commercial pilots for cargo planes

Services Provided: Aloha Air Cargo safely services cargo transportation for all Hawaii’s major airports. 

Revenue: $74 Million

Google Rating: N/A

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters 

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters is the top helicopter tour company in Hawaii and their excellence continues to impress both customers and employees. Preserving the unique beauties of Hawaii, there is no tour like a Blue Hawaiian tour. Be a part of something special when you work for Blue Hawaiian Helicopters! 

Established: 1985

Location: 1 Lelepio PL Kahului, HI 96732

Contact Information: 

  • Phone Number - (808) 442 - 8066
  • Email - careers@bluehawaiian.com

Website: https://www.bluehawaiian.com/en

Employees: 350 - 400 

Types of Jobs: Helicopter Pilots 

Services Provided: Blue Hawaiian Helicopters provides their guests with jaw dropping tours of Hawaii’s four major islands. 

Revenue: $46 Million 

Google Rating: 4.7/5 stars from 561 reviews

Century Aviation

As a pilot owned company, it’s no surprise that Century Aviation is a company that continues to keep their own pilots and employees happy. Century Aviation provides ease of transportation and works to have the friendliest staff in the skies. Whatever type of aircraft you fly for with Century Aviation, you’ll be certain it’s meticulously maintained and always ready to go. 

Established: 1989

Location: 2901 Airport Way Klamath Falls, OR 97603 

Contact Information: 

  • Phone Number - (541) 882 - 4643
  • Email - operations@centuryaviation.us

Website: https://centuryaviation.us 

Employees: <25 

Types of Jobs: Various pilot jobs available, varying on qualifications

Services Provided: Century Aviation provides passenger charter and air ambulance services. 

Revenue: <$5 Million

Google Rating: 4.3/5 stars from 16 reviews

Northeast Healthcare Recruitment 

Northeast Healthcare Recruitment focuses on finding the right fit for every job and while a pilot may not be thought of often in the healthcare industry, they play an integral role in the safety of those in need. Northeast Healthcare Recruitment hires pilots to keep medical crew and patients safe and they get them where they need to be. 

Established: 2011

Location: 320 Court Street Plymouth, MA 02360 

Contact Information: 

  • Phone Number - (508) 732 - 7362
  • Email - info@nehcr.com

Website: https://nehcr.com

Employees: <50

Types of Jobs: Fixed Wing Pilot 

Services Provided: As a fixed wing pilot for Northeast Healthcare Recruitment, you would safely transport the medical crew and patients to the necessary hospitals and additional locations. 

Revenue: $8 Million

Google Rating: N/A

Southwest Airlines

Southwest has been committed to providing friendly and affordable air travel since their inception decades ago. They continue to be a top major airline to work for as they recognize their employees and their needs. With a healthy work environment, there’s no doubt you’ll love being a pilot for such a caring airline. 

Established: 1971

Location: PO Box 36647-1CR Dallas, TX 75235

Contact Information: 

  • Phone Number - (877) 792 - 4792
  • Email - Accommodations@wnco.com 

Website: https://www.southwest.com

Employees: Around 55,000

Types of Jobs: Commercial Passenger Pilot

Services Provided: Southwest Airlines is one of the largest passenger airline companies based in the United States. 

Revenue: $9,866,000

Google Rating:4.2/5 stars from 476 reviews 

Why Not Pilot In a Place as Sublime as Hawaii? 

When you’re on the search for pilot jobs, it’s tough not to wonder what it would be like to fly for a company in Hawaii. Pilot jobs in Hawaii may be slightly less occurring than in the rest of the country, simply because of location, but there is no doubt they’re available. From small, locally run companies to major airlines, pilot jobs in Hawaii are there for those that inquire! Airline companies’ needs are constantly changing, stay up to date on what airlines and companies are hiring for pilots by subscribing to FLYING Magazine's newsletter today!



Is it hard to find a job as a pilot in Hawaii?

Thankfully, for pilots, it seems there is always an airline that is hiring and this holds true in Hawaii as well. The real battle for finding pilot jobs in Hawaii depends on the job qualifications and your certifications. Hawaii has a thriving tourist population and the need for helicopter and fixed wing pilots is ever-growing.

What companies are hiring for commercial pilot jobs in Hawaii?

Currently, Western Aircraft, Transair, Hawaiian Airlines, Aloha Air Cargo, and Southwest are hiring for commercial pilot jobs in Hawaii.

How much does a commercial pilot make in Hawaii?

The average salary for a commercial pilot in Hawaii is $150,566

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