What Are the Best Flight Logbooks?

Flight Logbooks

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Editor’s note: The following article is not intended to be a ranking, but is only to serve as a list of possible options. As the saying goes, your mileage may vary.

Like most products in the aviation industry, the “best” depends on what your flight requirements are. The best flight logbook may vary greatly for a student pilot versus a professional commercial pilot, and we’ve put the stats together so you can easily determine which one will work best for you. 

Flight logbooks have been around for decades and while the finest share similar qualities, they each bring different attributes that will help you narrow it down. Explore below to find out what to consider with a flight logbook and which one is the best choice for your needs. 

Quicklook: Best Flight Logbooks

8 Best Flight Logbooks 

Continue reading to learn more about the varying features of the best flight logbooks on the market and be confident you’ll soon have the information you need to purchase the one you need. 

Jappesen Professional Pilot Logbook

With 24-lb green ledger paper, the Jappensen Professional Pilot logbook helps you avoid ink bleeding and smudging every time you fly! With 256 pages, you can easily record up to 10 years of flight logs. Both student and professional pilots like the size and simplicity this high-quality logbook provides.

Best For: Newer pilots

Page Count: 256 Pages

Dimensions: 6 3/4" x 11 1/4"

Color Options: Dark brown cover

Materials: Sleek leather cover 

Standard Pilot Log ASA-SP-57 

This clean Standard Pilot Log, well-organized logbook is slightly larger than other ASA logbook options keeping it easy to read for all pilots. With fewer pages, this is an ideal logbook for both student and weekend pilots who aren’t looking to fly as often. 

With a durable, yet aesthetically appealing hard cover, this is the sturdy logbook you can haul on all your journeys.

Best For: Student pilots

Page Count: 110 Pages

Dimensions: 8-1/2" x 5-1/2"

Color Options: Navy Blue

Materials: Hardcover  

Jeppesen Pilot Logbook - Student  

This compact logbook can be thrown into any flight bag. With 96 easy to read green pages that are bleed resistant, you can log 520 entries making it a go-to for any entry level pilot. 

With a hard cover that’s scuff resistant, it’s easy to keep this piece looking nice for years. The basic layout this logbook offers keeps it simple for all new pilots to keep track of flights with ease.

Best For: Student pilots

Page Count: 96 Pages

Dimensions: 8 5/16" X 5 5/16"

Color Options: Black

Materials: Scuff-resistant hardcover

Standard Pilot Log ASA-SP-40

When you’re looking for a logbook that can hold the most flights, this is the one for you! Boasting an impressive 208 pages in a still compact size, this logbook is perfect for those who fly a great deal and want one place to track it all. 

Whether you’re a new pilot looking for a logbook you won’t have to replace anytime soon, or if you’re a professional pilot searching for the best, the Standard Pilot Log ASA-SP-40 is the choice for you!

Best For: Pilots of all skills levels looking to log more flights in one book.

Page Count: 208 Pages

Dimensions: 7-1/2" x 4"

Color Options: Burgundy

Materials: Hardcover

Jeppesen Professional European Pilot Logbook

Looking for a logbook that complies with Europe’s JAA? The Jeppesen Professional European Pilot Logbook is just the one you need! 

Boasting the same great features as the Professional Pilot Logbook, this has the simplicity you need on 256 durable, bleed resistant pages. Keep track of all your flights, domestic or abroad!

Best For: Pilots flying in Europe

Page Count: 256 Pages

Dimensions: 6 3/4” x 11 1/4”

Color Options: Black

Materials: Hardcover

Standard Engine Logbook ASA-SE-2

Your aircraft is not only an investment but ensuring it can run properly is a lifesaving endeavor as well. The Standard Engine Logbook is the book to have for keeping track of all inspections, repairs, and more. 

This sturdy hardcover logbook helps you keep the important information tracked in one place, easy to access whenever you need.

Best For: All pilots

Page Count: 96 Pages

Dimensions: 18” x 14”

Color Options: Burgundy

Materials: Hardcover

Standard Propeller Logbook ASA-SP-L

From the moment you start your aircraft’s engine, the propellers are also at work. Make sure they’re always running as they should with the Standard Propeller Logbook.

At an amazingly affordable price, this compact logbook should be with you at the start of every flight. From blade inspections to repairs and maintenance, this book has room for any services you need to track along the way.

Best For: Propellor plane pilots

Page Count: 20 Pages

Dimensions: 7-1/4" x 4" 

Color Options: Black

Materials: Softcover

CrewGear Red Flight Crew Logbook

This pocket-sized CrewGear logbook is laid out more like a notebook keeping it simple for all professional pilots and flight crews! With a durable soft cover, you can throw this in your bag or pocket to easily record your expenses, crew member names, door codes, and much more. 

This compact book still boasts 216 pages with a 12-month calendar page layout so documenting work schedules among others is never a hassle.

Best For: Professional pilots and flight crews

Page Count: 216 Pages

Dimensions: 4 1/4" x 3 1/4"

Color Options: Red

Materials: Durable softcover

What Are Flight Logbooks?

Put simply, flight logbooks record your time in the cockpit. Both student and professional pilots can benefit from this. While many prefer to have one logbook per aircraft, some pilots prefer to keep one logbook for all their flights, no matter the aircraft. 

This means you might need different logbook options, and you’re in luck — there are plenty of high-quality flight logbooks that will cover your in-flight needs, whatever they may be!

How Do Flight Logbooks Work?

While flight logbooks may vary in style and other forms, they all provide a similar layout allowing you to easily track all your flights. Many pilots use flight logbooks to track the aircraft they’re flying as well as its registration number. 

It’s also optimal to track when and where you both take off and land. In-flight activities and instruments used are great data points to have as well. 

What To Consider With Flight Logbooks

Whether you’re a professional pilot ready to replace your old flight logbook or if you’re a student pilot wondering which is best, there are various factors to consider when the time comes to purchase a flight logbook. 

Size & Page Count

Flight logbooks vary in size, but they are all designed to be compact. Some boast over 200 pages, ideal for the professional pilot needing to track tons of flights. 

Others with less than 100 pages could be just the one a new student pilot needs to record their training flights and more. With a pocket-sized logbook perfect for pilots and flight crews alike, we’re sure you’ll read on to find the exact logbook(s) for all your flying needs. 

FAA & EASA Compliant

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has requirements that are needed for all pilots to follow in order to ensure that the airspace you fly in is a safe one. All the flight logbooks we’ve researched are FAA compliant and there is one EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) compliant option as well (Jeppesen Professional European Pilot Logbook). 

While you may not be required to log all your flights, keeping in compliance is always a more effective way to go. 

Build Quality & Durability

Any high-quality logbook is going to come with a durable cover, whether it’s leather, hard cover, or soft cover. The manufacturers know these need to be able to be thrown in and out of your flight bag and hold up against any number of flights. 

With sleek designs and covers, it’s not hard to get an aesthetically appealing flight logbook! 

Design & Style

Whether you’re a student pilot or a professional, the smooth designs many logbooks offer is an appealing one. With leather bound flight logbooks as well as different colors available, let your style show with a logbook that will work for you! 

The internal organizational design is kept simple and functional in all flight logbooks as well. 

When considering a new flight logbook, thankfully they are all fairly affordable options. Varying from around $5 to $40, these are an essential organizational tool to keep all your flights tracked with ease. 

Choosing the Logbook That Fits Your Flights

When you’re looking for a new flight logbook, the right one that will check all your boxes really depends on the flight needs you have. Not only do you have high quality logbook options for everything from students to professionals, there are logbooks for tracking all your engine and propeller services, repairs, and more. 

We even found the perfect logbook for both professional pilots and flight crews. Flight logbooks vary, but we’ve put all the right information in one spot so you can get the one that outfits your flying needs! So, which will you choose? Have more aviation questions? Subscribe to FLYING Magazine newsletter today!  



What is a pilots log?

 A pilot’s log records that pilot’s flying hours in various forms of a flight logbook. These logbooks contain flight information including flight time, number of landings, instrument usage information, and more.

Are all pilot logbooks the same?

All flight logbooks should comply with FAA regulations which means they are similar, but they do all vary in many qualities as well. The best pilot logbook truly depends on the requirements you have as a pilot.

What flights must be logged in a logbook?

Not all flights are required to be logged by pilots in the US, so long as the requirements in CFR Title 14 §61.51 paragraph b are met. Keeping track of your flights in a logbook is highly beneficial for those working towards certificates, reviews, proficiency checks, and more.

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