5 Commercial Helicopter Pilot Jobs

Commercial helicopter pilot

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Editor’s note: The following article is not intended to be a ranking, but is only to serve as a list of possible options. As the saying goes, your mileage may vary.

Earning your way to becoming a professional commercial helicopter pilot takes time. Once you’ve gained your flight hours, it’s incredible to see the doors that open. The trouble is, knowing which open doors are the best. 

Medical transport pilots and firefighting pilots are among some of the top commercial helicopter pilot jobs. Make sure you put yourself in a position you’ll love for years to come. 

Quicklook: 5 Commercial Helicopter Pilot Jobs

5 Commercial Helicopter Pilot Jobs

When you’ve earned more flight hours and you’re ready to become a commercial helicopter pilot, start with a job you’ll love. 

Apollo MedFlight 

Apollo MedFlight was founded to help assist in the need for reliable medical transportation. Putting people first is the Apollo way, whether you’re a patient or employee. They believe their strong partnerships should be both internal and external. When you begin your commercial helicopter pilot job with Apollo MedFlight, you’ll love the path you’re on. 

Established: 2010

Location: 4211 W Interstate 40 Suite 200 Amarillo, TX 79106

Contact Information: 

  • Phone Number: (806) 322-4448
  • Email: info@apollomedflight.com

Website: https://www.apollomedflight.com/ 

Employees: 80

Hours required: 2,000

Types of Jobs: Pilots (both rotary and fixed wing)  

Services Provided:

  • Air medical
  • Transportation services 

Revenue: ~$6 Million 

Google Rating: N/A 

Coastal Air Service 

Coastal Air Service and Coastal Helicopters provide incredibly valuable services for the agricultural community. As a commercial helicopter pilot for Coastal Air Service, you’ll be an aerial applicator playing an important role for farmers across the country. Coastal Air Service ensures crops can be maintained and they work hard to take care of their employees along the way. 

Established: 1977

Location: 7424 Coastal Dr Panama City, FL 32404, USA

Contact Information: 

  • Phone Number: (850) 769-6117 
  • Email: Sales@coastalhelicopters.net

Website: https://www.coastalhelicopters.net/ 

Employees: 67

Hours required: 1,000

Types of Jobs: Helicopter pilots for aerial applications

Services Provided: Agricultural spraying services 

Revenue: $5 Million 

Google Rating: 4.4/5 stars from 5 reviews

Mayo Aviation 

Whether you’re flying private charters or saving lives with Flight For Life, a career as a commercial helicopter pilot with Mayo Aviation is a solid one. Mayo Aviation offers private charter services and they’re also partnered with Flight For Life Colorado meaning your pilot possibilities are vast. Working for Mayo Aviation, you’ll be an appreciated employee from the day you start. 

Established: 1978

Location: Centennial Airport, 7735 S Peoria St Centennial, CO 80112

Contact Information: 

Website: https://mayoaviation.com/

Employees: 85

Hours required: 2,500

Types of Jobs: Pilots  

Services Provided:

  • Aircraft management
  • Maintenance
  • Charter services 

Revenue: $17 Million 

Google Rating: 4.3/5 stars from 7 reviews

Air Methods 

Air Methods has an outstanding reputation of caring about both their patients and employees. Completing more than 70,000 transports each year, they’re a company anyone in need can trust. Air Methods employs all types of helicopter pilots, your possibilities as a commercial helicopter pilot are nearly limitless when you work for Air Methods. 

Established: 1980

Location: 5500 South Quebec Street Suite 300 Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Contact Information: 

  • Phone Number: (855) 896-9067
  • Email: customercare@airmethods.com

Website: https://www.airmethods.com/

Employees: Over 4,500 

Hours required: 3,000

Types of Jobs:

  • Helicopter pilot
  • Helicopter check airmen
  • Maintenance technician

Services Provided: Air Methods Corporation provides emergency medical services 

Revenue: $1.57 Billion 

Google Rating: 4.8/5 stars from 14 reviews

Orange County Fire Authority 

When you work for Orange County Fire Authority, you have the chance to get paid to help. OCFA employs the finest first responders, including their helicopter pilots. They work hard to ensure their employees are supported as they support their community. 

Established: 1995

Location: 1 Fire Authority Road Irvine, CA 92602

Contact Information: 

  • Phone Number: (714) 573-6000
  • Email: HR@fa.org

Website: https://ocfa.org/

Employees: 1,500

Hours required: 4,000 

Types of Jobs: Helicopter fire pilot 

Services Provided: Fire and medical services  

Revenue: $4 Million 

Google Rating: N/A 

Let Your Experience Work For You

As a helicopter pilot, it typically only takes a few hundred hours to be able to apply for a job. Earning a reputable job as a commercial helicopter pilot will likely take upwards of a few thousand hours. 

While this is a major gap, the salary potential as a commercial helicopter pilot can be far greater. The need for commercial helicopter pilots is ever-growing. 

When you’re ready to get your career started, help yourself by making sure you apply with trusted companies that take care of their pilots. FLYING Magazine works hard to keep professional pilots and aviation enthusiasts up to date. Subscribe today and make sure you always know who’s hiring. 



How to Become a Commercial Helicopter Pilot?

To become a commercial helicopter pilot, you must complete both ground and flight school as well as earn your required flight hours. You must be at least 18 years old, be fluent in English, be able to obtain your 2nd class medical certificate, and have already earned your private helicopter license. 

How to Get a Commercial Helicopter Pilot License?

Earning your commercial helicopter pilot license will take time, but it’s a path that can be well worth it. With flight school, you will need a minimum of 150 flight hours to earn your commercial helicopter pilot license. 

What is The Average Salary of a Commercial Helicopter Pilot?

The average salary for a commercial helicopter pilot in the United States is $99,405, with an average salary range of  $84,305 and $127,813.

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