Garmin's G3X Touch Goes Certified

Once only for experimentals, now available to 100s of certified aircraft.

Garmin's G3X Touch can now be installed in more than 500 certified single-engine airplanes.Courtesy Garmin

Garmin International recently achieved FAA certification that approves installations of its G3X Touch system in Part 23 aircraft. The highly capable glass cockpit avionics system was designed for the experimental market, but its success prompted Garmin to bring it to the certified world.

The G3X Touch certification covers more than 500 types of single-engine airplanes. Two versions are offered: a 10.6-inch display ($9,995) and a 7-inch display ($7,995), both of which can be configured as a PFD or MFD depending on the customer’s needs. For smaller panels, the system can be used as a split-screen PFD/MFD or, if more space is available, it can be configured with two or more G3X Touch screens or in combination with other avionics products.

G3X Touch can be operated with the touch screen or dual concentric knobs on the frame. There are also buttons for basic functions, such as direct to and nearest, and a general menu.

In addition to providing synthetic vision, which shows ­terrain and obstacle imagery, and ­depicts the runway environment when it is close, the G3X f­unctions as a VFR navigator. It can also display VFR sectionals and IFR en route charts as well as geo-referenced instrument approach charts. Customers who want to fly IFR can connect the G3X to a separate IFR navigator. Wireless connectivity is included, enabling wireless flight-plan transfer and sharing of traffic, weather and backup attitude data with a portable tablet.

G3X Touch can also integrate engine information and comm radios, and it can communicate with Garmin’s G5 electronic flight instrument for backup data. Garmin’s GFC 500 autopilot also can be connected and used to fly coupled instrument approaches.