Garmin Rolls Out Pilot App Enhancements

Version 8.2 of the Garmin Pilot iOS app adds vertical profile view, preferred runway selector tool, personal minimums selector, European VFR flight plan filing and more.

Garmin Pilot App
Garmin Pilot profile viewGarmin

Garmin has introduced a number of improvements to its Pilot app for iOS, including a new pricing structure to make the flight-planning tool more attractive to a larger pool of pilots.

Garmin Pilot 8.2 adds a flight profile view displaying a vertical cross section of airspace, terrain, obstacles and weather to give pilots a more detailed look at their intended route of flight based on a selected altitude. The app also adds a preferred runway selection tool based on current winds, a personal minimums selector for cloud ceiling, visibility and maximum crosswind component and integration with the aera 660 portable navigator.

Version 8.2 also brings enhanced capabilities for international fliers, including grh ability to file VFR flight plans outside the United States and European chart coverage.

“We’re dedicated to growing our global presence with Garmin Pilot by now offering pilots the capability to file their flight plans directly within the app, while also expanding chart availability within select European countries,” said Carl Wolf, Garmin’s vice president of aviation sales and marketing. “In addition to making a series of enhancements within Europe, we’ve incorporated many safety-minded features, including the option of displaying TFRs and METARs within the flight profile view and incorporating customized personal minimums.”

An annual subscription to Garmin Pilot is priced at $149.99 for international operators and $74.99 for U.S. customers.