Garmin Introduces New Weather Radar

Garmin’s new GWX 75 and GWX 75H weather radars improve situational awareness, and reduce operating costs. Garmin

A new and improved Garmin weather radar system will soon be available for aircraft operators. In a July 18 press release, Garmin introduced the GWX 75 and GWX75H (helicopter) weather radars. The Doppler-based solid-state radars provide an extended range and come with an "improved color palette" that provides more color contouring than other available radars, Garmin said.

The GWX 75 gives pilots access to a source of onboard information to analyze convective weather threats, which benefits situational awareness and reduces operational costs. Users can also create custom weather pictures on multiple displays in the cockpit.

Garmin explained the solid-state design reduces power consumption and extends life in comparison to other magnetron-based radars. The GWX 75 has a range of 320 nautical miles, provides horizontal scan angles of up to 120 degrees and features pilot-adjustable sector scanning, which allows fliers to focus on areas of interest. The GWX 75’s vertical scan capabilities allow pilots to focus on storm tops, gradients and storm cell build-up and different altitudes.

"We are thrilled to continue to broaden our suite of weather radar solutions that meet the needs of thousands of aircraft operators throughout the world," said Carl Wolf, Garmin vice president of aviation sales and marketing, in the release. "With improved features, a lower cost of ownership and easy upgrade path, the GWX 75 is a simple and straightforward weather radar solution that increases situational awareness to aid in navigation around severe weather."

Garmin expects the GWX 75 and GWX 75H radars will be available starting next month at a suggested retail price of $21,995, and $31,995 for the GWX 75H.


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