Garmin G1000H NXi Bell 407GXi Obtains IFR Certification

The advanced flight deck delivers performance in degraded weather conditions.

The Garmin G1000H NXi designed for helicopter use now flies in the Bell 407GXi.Garmin

The Bell 407GXi equipped with the Garmin G1000H NXi has obtained IFR certification, Garmin announced on September 5, 2019. A variety of advanced features makes the G1000H NXi optimized for use in helicopter operations, and the certification paves the way for the aircraft's use in certain military applications.

The G1000H NXi consists of a PFD and an MFD capable of displaying in a variety of modes depending on the phase of flight and the pilot’s selections. Primary among the system’s new features is the helicopter terrain awareness and warning system (HTAWS) that depicts obstructions in five-color shading, with voice callout alerts for obstacles, such as powerlines and towers. The HTAWS is complemented by HSVT (helicopter synthetic vision technology), giving the pilot a view into real-time three-dimensional images—and additional information regarding obstructions in dynamic environments. The Garmin NXi can show helicopter routes through eight major metropolitan areas, further increasing its utility—along with its ability to display data from onboard weather radar, radar altimetry, engine information, and video inputs from certain compatible camera systems.

The WireAware wire-strike avoidance technology overlays graphic powerline information on the moving map page. This data is available in the United States, as well as certain parts of Canada and Mexico.

The IFR certification addresses two specific areas: the needs of single-engine helicopter operators, and to meet the requirements of the U.S. Navy Advanced Helicopter Training System competition.