Garmin Adds New FIS-B Weather Products

Garmin Pilot app will show icing, turbulence, cloud tops, graphical Airmets and more.

Garmin’s new weather products provide better weather awareness.Garmin

Pilots will soon be able to access new FIS-B weather products for the Garmin Pilot application on Apple devices as a part of the development of the ADS-B ground station network, Garmin announced in a press release.

Garmin explained these new FIS-B weather products will give pilots the ability to better understand the weather around them. The products will include lightning, turbulence, icing (current and forecast), could tops, graphical Airmets and center weather advisories. Pilots will be able to access the applications when there is at least one ADS-B ground station in view while flying, or on the ground. The new features will become available once the FAA ground station network is established to support the new FIS-B products.

“Garmin continues to lead the industry with the most ADS-B solutions flying today and we’re excited to bring these new features and capabilities to our customers,” said Carl Wolf, vice president of aviation marketing and sales at Garmin.

“With only 17 months left to equip for ADS-B Out, customers can take advantage of a Garmin solution that is backed by our well-established lineage in ADS-B, superior product quality, award-winning product support and the most comprehensive dealer network in the industry – all starting at an MSRP of $1,795,” Wolf said.

Aircraft operators can find out more about ADS-B equipment compatibility by visiting here.