GA Leaders to Speak at Flying Aviation Expo

John and Martha King, Rob Machado, George Bye, Mark “Hoot” Gibson and Dr. Earl Weener are among named speakers at the weekend show.

Palm Springs Airport Flying Aviation Expo
GA leaders will converge at the Palm Springs International Airport for Flying Aviation Expo.Alamy

On Oct. 20-22, general aviation lovers from around the world will gather at Palm Springs International Airport for Flying Aviation Expo. The weekend show will feature dozens of seminars, hands-on workshops and debates, led by high-profile speakers in the industry.

The show kicks off with a keynote presentation by FAA senior advisor, UAS Integration, Marke “Hoot” Gibson, who will discuss what he calls the most fundamental change in aviation in our lifetime — sharing the skies with drones.

The weekend is packed with dozens of speakers and workshops, but special guests include the NTSB’s Earl Weener, who will discuss the NTSB’s top 10 Most Wanted List of general aviation safety improvements. George Bye, CEO and founder of Bye Aerospace, will also discuss the progress of his all-electric Sun Flyer aircraft and its plans for certification on Friday.

Among the most anticipated events is the Saturday keynote debate between John King and Rob Machado — two prominent aviation teachers and influencers. Both outspoken about their positions on the value of the new Airman Certification Standards (ACS), King and Machado will hash out their opinions in a first-ever live debate, moderated by Flying Editor-in-Chief Stephen Pope.

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