Flying Musicians Accepting Applications for Flight Training Scholarships

The program is available to junior and senior high school students who have been nominated by their music teacher or director.

There is an undisputed link between aviation and music—both require passion and practice to get any good, and training in both mold you for life. The Flying Musicians Association (FMA), a nonprofit, recognizes this and is offering scholarships to student musicians who wish to join the world of aviation and aviators who are musicians who want to enhance their musical abilities.

FMA is accepting nominees for the FMA Solo Learn to Fly program. The scholarship is open to high school music students who have an interest in aviation. The FMA Solo program provides flight training through solo (approximately 15 hours of dual instruction) and assistance in obtaining flight training materials and flight gear, along with a sponsored student membership in FMA. 

Applicants need to have parental permission if under the age of 18, proof of citizenship, and be able to acquire a third-class medical certificate or state issued driver’s license or the equivalent.

The scholarship is made available in cooperation with FMA’s corporate members and sponsors nationwide. The program is available to junior and senior high school students who have been nominated by their music teacher or director.

FMA members are eager to share their passions of flying and music, growing both segments in society, according to FMA president and CEO John Zapp.

“The program has assisted many students who remain engaged,” Zapp said. “There are now many additional private pilots that have come from this program. We are also looking for those in the aviation and music industry who want to jump on the FMA bandwagon to be a part of this opportunity to inspire future pilots, musicians, and leaders the right way.”

Nominations for the FMA Solo program are due by January 31. Finalists will be notified March 1, and award winners will be notified by May 1.

FMA is also accepting nominees for the FMA Swing Wing scholarship, which enables the winner to attend the New York Hot Jazz Camp. 

The Swing Wing scholarship is open to all members of the FMA between the ages of 18 and 28 (an exception can be made for FMA members under 18 with parent permission) and will allow them to attend the jazz camp, which is described as an immersive experience with New York’s finest traditional jazz musicians and recording artists. The camp is designed to increase the participants’ knowledge of classic jazz. Participants will explore this uniquely American form of music developed in the Southern U.S. and the subtitles gained as it migrated to New York, Chicago, and the West Coast in the 1920s and 1930s. 

The scholarship is open to both instrument and voice musicians. The application requires a 150-word essay and a recommendation from another if able.

The weeklong camp begins on April 28.

For more information, send emails to [email protected].


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