Liberty University

Lynchburg, VA

Located in Lynchburg, Virginia, Liberty University offers aviation degrees and certificates in all levels. Students can choose between one associate degree, seven bachelor’s degrees with eight different concentrations, a master’s degree option with four concentrations, three possible minors, and two certificates in aviation related fields. Some of the options can be done completely online, some are hybrid models, and some, like the flight concentrations, are in-person only. This allows flexibility to students while still ensuring the value of their degree.

Program Highlights

Liberty University is an FAA-approved Part 141 pilot school. The School of Aeronautics is located directly on Lynchburg Regional Airport (KLYH), so commuting from the main campus to the airport is not an issue.

Programs Auburn offers include:

  • Associate of Science
    • Maintenance Technician
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Aeronautics
    • Commercial/Corporate
    • Global Studies
    • Military
  • Aviation
    • Aviation Administration
      • Aviation Safety Management
      • Flight
    • Aviation Maintenance
      • Management
      • Unmanned Aerial Systems
    • Aviation Management
    • Aviation Technology
      • Flight and Maintenance
    • Unmanned Aerial System
  • Master of Science
    • Aeronautics
    • General
    • Aviation Education
    • Aviation Leadership
    • Aviation Safety
  • Minors
    • Aeronautics
    • Aviation Safety
    • Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • Certificates
    • Aviation Maintenance Technician
    • Medium Unmanned Aerial Systems

Liberty University School of Aeronautics has established strong relationships with numerous airlines across the United States and has signed hiring agreements with many of them, including:

● Piedmont Airlines
● Envoy Airlines
● Express Jet
● And many more…

Liberty University is one of only 40 schools accredited by Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI). The school is also part of Region 10 of the National intercollegiate Flying Association.


Liberty’s tuition is a little higher than some aviation schools. Students should expect to pay about $24,000 a year before any financial aid or scholarships.

On top of base tuition, flight students will have additional costs for flight courses. Over the course of four years, before financial aid or scholarships, flight costs will come in at about $116,000, including all flight labs up to and multi engine instructor. Students looking to get up to CFI will pay around $77,000.

Liberty also offers a rotary-wing transition for $30,000.

Scholarships dedicated to aviation students include the:

● Pioneers of Flight Scholarship
● Bill Cowden Scholarship
● The Karen Johnson Solo Scholarship

The university also accepts veteran’s benefits such as the GI Bill.

Fleet and Facilities

Liberty hosts a fleet of traditional training aircraft as well as many flight simulators for students to use, including:

● Cessna 172S Skyhawks
● Piper PA-44 Seminoles
● Frasca C172 Level 5 Flight Training Devices (FTDs)
● Frasca PA44 Level 5 Flight Training Device (FTD)
● Frasca PA-28 Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD)
● Frasca Reconfigurable Training Devices
● FlyThisSim Basic Attitude Training Devices (BATDs)-Multiple Aircraft Configurations
● 3DR Solo Unmanned Aircraft
● DJI Mavic Pro Unmanned Aircraft

Graduates are eligible for the restricted ATP of 1,000 or 1,250 hours.

Campus Life

Liberty University is a relatively large faith-based institution. The school offers six different residential communities on campus for students to call home as well as more than 20 dining locations across campus.

There are many things to do around campus at Liberty. The school has a large recreation and fitness center that houses a rock wall and aquatics center. An outdoor center hosts adventure training and workshops for interested students. The one-of-a-kind Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre allows students to take ski and snowboarding lessons, or go snow tubing with friends. It even has an Olympic trampoline.

For athletic students, there are both club and intramural sports at Liberty, including.

● Hockey
● Archery
● Basketball

The Bottom Line

Liberty University is one of the largest faith-based collegiate aviation programs in North America. Students looking to attend a large university with an array of different aviation pathways to choose from may want to consider Liberty. With many airline partnerships and hiring agreements, students graduating from Liberty are bound to find great success in the industry.

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Other Information

  • In-State Tuition (Per Year) $24,000
  • Out-of-State Tuition (Per Year)$24,000
  • Flight Cost $97,000
  • In-State Total Estimated Program Cost$193,000
  • Out-of-State Total Estimated Program Cost$193,000
  • NIFA (Y/N)Yes
  • NIFA Region10

Liberty University Score

Overall: 39 out of a possible 50 points in Colleges

Points Earned

10 out of 10 in Industry Partners

6 out of 10 in Value

6 out of 10 in Fleet

8 out of 10 in Campus Life

9 out of 10 in Facilities and Location

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