Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green, OH

Located in Bowling Green, Ohio, Bowling Green State University offers two bachelor’s degree programs and one minor for students looking to start a career in aviation. The flight program is geared toward training students with no previous flight experience with the focus on creating future pilots in the airline and corporate aviation environment. Bowling Green State University Aviation has a modern and well-maintained fleet for flight education needs. 

Program Highlights

Bowling Green is one of only a few universities in the United States that has an airport on the main campus. The Wood County Regional Airport (WPKB) is only a short walk or a free shuttle ride away.

The school has an on-site PSI testing center. Students will not have to go far to take FAA written exams.

The aviation department at Bowling Green also has a large faculty and staff to help students with their success. More than 60 personnel are available to help students with general coursework, flight planning, and checkride prep.

Programs offered include:

  • Bachelor of Science
    • Flight Technology and Operations
    • Flight Management and Operations
  • Minor
    • Airport Systems and Operations

Bowling Green State University is one of 40 schools that are AABI accredited. The school is also part of NIFA Region 3.


Bowling Green State University offers an average tuition for both in and out-of-state students. Annually in-state students will pay around $21,000, while out-of-state students’ tuition will come in around $30,000. This is BGSU’s base tuition and does not include flight costs.

On top of base tuition, students can expect to spend an extra $70,000 – $80,000 over the course of four years. Loans, grants, and scholarships are available to help meet these costs.

Some scholarships available to aviation students include the:

● NetJets Scholarship
● Aviation Safety Management Scholarship
● UAA Janice K. Barden Aviation Scholarship

Fleet and Facilities

Bowling Green State University is proud to offer students a modern fleet of aircraft for training. The fleet includes:

● Piper Warriors
● Piper Archers
● Piper Seminoles
● Cessna 152s

Students also have access to full motion Redbird simulators and FRASCA simulators. Students coming into the flight program will take flight as early as their first semester.

Graduates of Bowling Green State University’s Part 141 bachelor’s degree flight program are eligible to obtain a Restricted Airline Transport Pilot Certificate with as few as 1,000 flight hours.

Campus life

Bowling Green State University is a mid-sized university with many traditional college features. Students who plan to live on campus will have nine different residence halls to choose from as well as more than a dozen choices for on-campus dining.

Bowling Green State University gives students the chance for school spirit with 17 team sporting events on campus. In addition to sports, Bowling Green State University has nearly 350 registered organizations and clubs that students can join.

Undergraduate and graduate students can participate in faculty research, international programs and student organizations that add real-world and leadership experiences that take coursework to practical application.

The Bottom Line

Bowling Green State University is able to offer flight students the convenience of an on campus airport and a modern fleet of aircraft. In addition to the state-of-the-art aviation facilities, the university also hosts hundreds of student organizations and clubs as well as on campus housing and sports.

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Other Information

  • In-State Tuition (Per Year) $26,000
  • Out-of-State Tuition (Per Year)$26,000
  • Flight Cost $75,000
  • In-State Total Estimated Program Cost$175,000
  • Out-of-State Total Estimated Program Cost$175,000
  • NIFA (Y/N)Yes
  • NIFA Region3

Bowling Green State University Score

Overall: 44 out of a possible 50 points in Colleges

Points Earned

6 out of 10 in Industry Partners

6 out of 10 in Value

9 out of 10 in Fleet

10 out of 10 in Facilities and Location

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