FAA Continues Work on LOC Prevention

FlySafe campaign aims to help pilots reduce the risk of flying.

Loss of control is one of the most common causes of fatal GA accidents.Sudbury Aviation

Loss of Control, also referred to as LOC, is one of the most common causes of fatal general aviation accidents, representing more than 1,200 fatal accidents in the past 10 years, according to the FAA. As such, it is one of the focuses of the FAA’s effort in reducing the risk of flying. The effort is part of the “#FlySafe” campaign, which the agency is heading up together with the GA community.

The FAA recently released a document that brings to light some of the most common errors that result in a LOC event. The document discusses the importance of a stabilized approach, how to achieve one, and the importance of going around if the approach is unstable. It also discusses other factors that can lead to LOC, such as distractions, botched missed approaches, not planning ahead, and a lack of training.

“You can help make a difference by joining our #flySafe campaign,” said Acting FAA Administrator, Daniel Elwell. “Every month on FAA.gov, we provide pilots with Loss of Control solutions developed by a team of experts – some of which are already reducing risk. I hope you will join us in this effort and spread the word. Follow #FlySafe on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.”