Diamond Develops Sim to Train Pilots in Multi-Crew Coordination

The requirement has driven a new update to the DA42-VI flight simulator.

Diamond Aircraft has introduced a new version of its DA42-VI flight training device. It provides a simulation platform for flight training organizations to use in delivering multi-crew coordination (MCC) courses in Europe and elsewhere.

The company models its FNPT II-approved devices after its DA40 NG single-engine and DA42-VI multiengine aircraft—and a model that emulates both aircraft with a change in configuration, the Convertible DA40/42 MCC simulator that is also FNPT II compliant.

The MCC course is a required step in a full frozen ATPL program typically completed at the end of a commercial pilot licensing course under EASA. The MCC prepares pilots for the transition between operating as a sole pilot in command, to flying an aircraft as part of a crew.

An MCC program incorporates hours in a flight simulator, but often the devices used replicate much larger aircraft, such as a twin turboprop or light jet. Diamond offers its device to make for a more straightforward transition for pilots who have completed the commercial multiengine segment of training in a DA42.

Pilots can go on to complete a jet orientation course in a turbine-based simulator.

“Diamond stands for high quality products at the cutting edge of the industry. We are proud to offer another important milestone with this MCC option in order to complement our training portfolio with an all-in-one 21st century solution,” said Christian Schmid, project and key account manager, Diamond Aircraft Austria. “This additional application in just one device is a huge advantage for our customers.”


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