David Clark Brings a Legacy of Aviation and Space Innovation to Every Headset

The H10-13.4 has logged millions of flight hours for thousands of pilots David Clark Company

As an airplane taxis in, onlookers spot the distinct “green domes” on the pilot and passenger’s heads, and even before the engine is shut down, everyone knows this is a pilot who demands quality when it comes to their choice of headsets.

Since the mid-1970s, David Clark Company has been designing headsets for high-noise environments, beginning with the introduction of the H10-13.4 passive noise reduction headset. Over the years, this legendary headset model has undergone many significant improvements and remains one of the best-selling headsets in aviation, having logged millions of flight hours for thousands of pilots.

The H10-13.4 is a smart choice as an introductory headset for those learning to fly, based on the model’s well-earned reputation for comfort, performance, and unmatched durability, all at a price that fits a student pilot’s budget. The model is so well-designed, many student pilots that learn to fly with the H10-13.4 continue flying with it for years after receiving their pilot’s license.

Advanced comfort and performance features make the DC ONE-X an excellent value in the premium ANR headset category David Clark Company

Available in standard mono, stereo, and helicopter models, the H10-13.4 has double foam head pads, universal flex boom for perfect microphone placement, and ‘Comfort Gel’ ear seals, providing hours of comfort. For those Young Eagles in your family who may want to fly someday, a smaller youth model of the H10-13.4 is upgradeable to the full-sized version when needed.

Building on the long history of quality, comfort, and performance of the H10-13.4, the DC ONE-X headset features Hybrid Electronic Noise Canceling ANR technology that utilizes two microphones to provide state-of-the-art Active Noise Reduction for crisp, clear audio. The DC ONE-X weighs just 12.3 ounces and is engineered for long flights with a rugged yet lightweight alloy headband and suspension system, Outlast® vented fabric head pad and plush, leatherette ear seals with premium ‘slow recovery’ foam cradle the ears for comfort and a snug, secure seal.

The DC ONE-X has the features quality-minded pilots want from a premium ANR headset such as Bluetooth® wireless technology, backlit, compact, in-line user interface control module for night use, and up to 50 hours of use from two (2) AA batteries. An auto-shutoff feature prevents accidental battery drain if the control is inadvertently left “ON”.

Space shuttle astronauts wearing Advanced Crew Escape Suits and Launch Entry Suits designed and manufactured by David Clark Company David Clark Company

Many pilots shopping for headsets may not know that David Clark company has been manufacturing air and space crew protective equipment since 1941, such as Anti-G Suits for fighter pilots during World War II, X-1 rocket plane pressure suits, the G-4C space suit for Ed White’s first U.S. spacewalk, full-pressure suits for U-2 and SR-71 Blackbird pilots, and NASA Space Shuttle Crew Escape suits.

The design of a David Clark Company space suit is literally a matter of life and death, so you know their quality control has to be right. This decades-long dedication to delivering a superior product shines through in their aviation headsets, which is why it is not uncommon to see seasoned pilots pass their cherished green domes down to their sons or daughters as they pursue their own dream to fly.

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