David Clark DC Pro X2 Headset Debuts

The DC Pro X2 shows improved comfort and better sound quality.

We fell in love with David Clark‘s lightweight DC Pro X headset when it arrived on the scene in 2013, so we were interested to see what improvements make the newly introduced DC Pro X2 headset better. David Clark has long been known for producing ­quality headsets, and both models in the Pro series meet this standard. New in the DC Pro X2 is automatic gain control for improved active noise reduction performance in high-noise environments, enhanced auto shut-off that virtually eliminates accidental battery-power drain and a slightly redesigned profile with an oblong-shaped dome that provides exceptional rest-on-ear stability.

Retained in the DC Pro X2 is the 7.5-ounce weight and leatherette ear seals that are perfect for long flights. This headset ­provides ­excellent active noise reduction with “feed-forward,” “feed-back” and digital signal processing technology, in which an external ­microphone on the dome picks up noise from the outside before it reaches the pilot’s ear canal to provide superior noise attenuation. Bluetooth ­connectivity is standard and the DC Pro X2 comes with a five-year warranty.

For more information, visit: davidclark.com


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