CubCraftrers’ 2015 Carbon Cub SS Is a Modern Throwback and an ‘AircraftForSale’ Top Pick

Modern design and striking performance can make this reimagined Cub more appealing than the original.

The 2015 CubCrafters Carbon Cub SS is known for strong STOL performance. [Courtesy PARTner 91 – Arizona Aircraft Specialist:

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The light sport category has spawned numerous designs that are tributes to the original Piper Cubs and seek to recapture the experience of flying those antique machines. Most use modern design and manufacturing techniques as well as updated materials and equipment in bids to make new Cubs better than the old. While it might be difficult to convince many traditionalists to try a modernized Cub, few will deny that the Carbon Cub SS outmuscles its ancestors.

CubCrafters combined high power, low weight, and precise controls to make the Carbon Cub SS an immediate STOL contender capable of tackling a range of backcountry flying adventures. The design helped redefine what a light sport aircraft (LSA) can be.

This 2015 Carbon Cub SS has 285 hours on its airframe, engine, and Catto 80/50 composite propeller, as well as a long list of features and upgrades, including Acme Aero heavy-duty landing gear, BlackOps shocks, Alaskan Bushwheels with 26-inch tundra tires, LED lights and strobes, vortex generators, Grove 2-piston brakes and Scott 3200 tailwheel. The panel includes a Garmin G3X Touch display, 2-axis autopilot, Garmin GTR200 comm radio, GTX23 ES transponder, and ADS-B In and Out.

If your typical mission involves short-field operations and exploring the backcountry in a traditional but modern aircraft, you should consider this 2015 Cubcrafters Carbon Cub SS, which is available for $199,000 on AircraftForSale.

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