CubCrafters Launches Updated Carbon Cubs

Hailed backcountry two-seater gets performance boost.

The EX-3 and FX-3 feature a composite Trailblazer constant-speed prop and spinner from Hartzell, plus the aerodynamic carbon cowl from CubCrafters’ flagship, the XCub.CubCrafters

Yakima, Washington-based CubCrafters, the manufacturer of backcountry Cubs on steroids, this week introduced two updated versions of its highly successful Carbon Cub. The two-seat taildragger is now available with increased power, speed, range and payload with the Carbon Cub EX-3 and FX-3 models.

“The Carbon Cub has a well-earned reputation as the performance leader among adventure aircraft, and now, with the introduction of the new EX-3 and FX-3 models, we are raising the performance bar even higher,” Randy Lervold, president of CubCrafters.

Both of the new versions are powered by a 187-hp, fuel injected CC363i engine, developed by CubCrafters in partnership with Superior Air Parts and Aero Sport Power. The CC363i spins a constant speed, composite Hartzell Trailblazer propeller. The new models also offer a 2,000 lb gross weight limit, an increase from a maximum of 1,860 pounds of previous Carbon Cubs.

Providing power for the EX-3 and FX-3 is the new CC363i power plant, developed in partnership with Superior Air Parts and Aero Sport Power.CubCrafters

While even a trained eye may have trouble distinguishing the new versions from the earlier Carbon Cub models, of which about 500 are flying, the wings and fuselage have been designed and tested to support the gross weight increase and increased speed capability. The top speed of the EX-3 and FX-3 is 130 mph or greater.

The main difference between the two new models lies in how the airplanes are put together. The EX-3 is an experimental amateur built (E-AB) kit where the FX-3 is built through the company’s Factory eXperimental (FX) builder assist program.